As I Sat Blank to the World...

December 16, 2007
As I sat blank to the world, I wondered who I was meant to be. Sitting along gave me time to think about this, along with the many other questions that toppled my mind.They never really went away, but on this day more than any other before, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of sadness as if I was feeling someone else's pain. It felt as though I shared my feelings with someone only my subconscious knew.

I still remember all of this as if it were a moment ago.
If I would have known that I was eternally connected to something, much less an entire world. I would have been a lot less afraid of the world I was in.
Wait... I'm assuming your lost by my story, maybe I should begin a little farther back.
My name is Lillian, I was adopted when I was two years old to a Montana ranch

family, Connels, I never really felt like a member of the family just a ranch hand they didn't have to pay. My name for the next fifteen years was Lilly Sue Connel. My adopted Mother Sue had red wavy curls, and towered over me,at a glimpse she portrayed a very stern and strict manner, my older sister Barb, as well stood far above me with straight red hair that stopped at her shoulder. She always seemed content right where she was, she loved working on the families ranch, and didn't like to stray from her normal routine, she wasn't very liking of change.
My Father passed away a little over a year ago, everyone tried to act sad at the funeral but similes were seen creeping through so many of there melancholy appearances,for my adopted father was a very ill tempered man and a great majority objected and distasted his entire being.
Than there was Uncle Zack, quit the opposite of, he was kind to everyone and looked after me, though before I learned different, they always said
he merely had sympathy.
Then I, have straight black hair, stand average height.
I loved to sit under my favorite oak with its tranquility and beauty, mind soaring far above the trees, as my hand move along the paper recreating the images in my mind I would be home. Not pretending nor fabricating my life to the kids at school, mine, a place that I know.
Everything in my mind would come to life on paper, most beautiful, peaceful place in the universe, I seemed to draw in such detail, giving the impression I had once visited this place, with mountains, oceans where creatures are not what they seem, The Queen is gorgeous giving, the King is noble and honest, and a Prince loving heart yet I draw with grief in his eye, I wasn't sure why. I would wish this world were real. Though everyone just jeered at my odd perspective of drawing.
Friends were my thoughts and my family was drawing and music. I won many awards for violin, I was even offered a chance to play in New York, but my parents said no, that was just useless and I will work on the farm like my older sister Barb.
November, 30th the afternoon before my fifteenth birthday, and the last day I would ever call the ranch home.
My adopted mother Sue called me into her room to speak with me, it was a tone I could not identify,it frightened me at first.
She was harsh and stern, but cared in her own silent way.
I walked into to the room to see two stacks of papers sitting on the floor, "Come" she told me, while pointing to the desk next to the door.
I sat down at the desk as she laid a piece of paper in front of me,at the top was a crescent of a purple bird, with its wings in flight.
, " read this" she said. It was a birth certificate, " Yes, I know I was adopted, why do I have to read this" "the name at the bottom, read it" so I obeyed, I still didn't understand, and as my eye scrolled down the page I was caught by the location " Melial, I have never heard of this" " keep reading" then my eye stopped on the name " Lillian Emma Onyx.
she spoke, handing me another piece of paper, before I had time to speak.
This paper had the crescent of a small wild cat in pounce on the top, " This is your life, these documents I have kept for many years and now my conscious cannot take it you belong with this family" " I don't get it, these people didn't want me why would they now, plus how do you know this stuff?" Silence drew between us.
She turned to walked out of the room, " your father used to work under you biological father and after a very fierce disagreement, and he was banished from Melial he took what he could from him and one of those was you."
She continued walking out.
Words would not come out of my mouth, only my eyes zoomed around the paper she had last handed me, a birth certificate, December, 1st, eyes still scrolling the page, until... I read the name Alexander Jacob Onyx... I have a twin?
I was awaken a few hours later, by the sounds of a truck making its way down the old gravel road it was so loud from the upstairs room you may have thought it was attempting to ride right through the house.
I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the floor surround by papers, on the papers that had caused my dizzying blackout, I was still a bit in shock, so gathered together the papers on the floor and walked down the hallway to my room, hoping to make some sense out of all of this. Laying the papers out across my bed I slowly read each one, strangely everything was familiar. I kept reading.
"How are you" I heard a voice from the door way, I turned to see my mother, I only look at her.
She sat down next to me, " How do you....", " right now it doesn't matter how I know"
I need to tell you some things before you go" she said," Go" I was startled " let me talk" she spoke confidently, Your family had come through a portal in the city on Christmas", "what" I was confused, "let me finish", "you are from Melial a country in another dimension, your world is separate from this, and on this particular Christmas Eve you and your brother were enjoying your first visit here with your parents, but your fa....Adopted father, had followed them, waiting until your father was already through the portal, you were Separated from your mother when she had stepped through the portal swiftly, turning around you were not there and your adopted father had taken you."

"What are you saying, I'm an alien, this is not logical" I was confused,
"all I can say is yes its true, but you are the only one that can Believe it."
She walked out of my room and came back with a wet towel, she picked up my left hand and began wiping the palm until revealed was a birth mark, it appears to look similar to a small bird in flight engraved in my hand.
Ever since I started school my adopted father made me conceal my birth mark if I was anywhere outside of my room, although it had been over a year since his death, I still concealed the birth mark, I was afraid of anyone seeing it, since my adopted father had made such a deal over it. My mother looked at me and said " this is part of who you are and who you will became, so no longer cover this up."
I viewed my hand for a moment until I noticed my mother pacing from one end of the room to the other, though I was still too dizzy with the days events to really take notice.
Suddenly my mother spoke with worry in her voice " You must as soon as possible, we must get you back home.", then exited my room without giving me time to reply.
December, 1st 4:20 am, my mother woke me from my slumber with a jacket in hand, and a small backpack, " put this on" she said while handing me a red rain coat, " and pack a few things in this," she tossed the backpack onto my bed, with out asking, I obeyed, cramming my sketch book, a pencil and a change of clothes in the bag. Having teddy bear pajamas on under a shiny red rain coat, I was easily seen, though the slow rising sun kept that from being an issue.
I wasn't certain on where my mother was taking me , the rain had not subsided and silence brewed in the truck. My eyes blared straight yet my mind was rolling, wandering if I was being tricked, if I was just over-stressed and I was only be driven to school earlier, or I had been knocked in the head by a shovel and I was in the hospital on medicine that was making me delusional?
SLAM... I was awakened from my questioning, by the driver door of the truck slamming shut. We were stopped in front of the Historic Museum of Art, about 20 miles from the ranch. " Get out of the truck" my mother said, as she waved me to the right of the building, to what appeared to be an employee only door, she took out a key,( my adopted farther did some type of private work with the museum, and my mother had the keys) opening the door quietly she ushered me in closing the door behind and quickly typing codes onto a keypad on the wall, she turned and directed me to a staircase going deeper below the museum. The stairs ended at a door, my mother unlocked the door to a small basement, all that could be seen was what appeared to be a medium sized rectangular window at the farthest side of the room, I had an odd sense of excitement and thrill to see what world lay in front of me. My mother turned to walk back up the stairs, then looked back and smiled, " Good Bye, find your life Lilly," she said, I looked to see the framed window I walked slowly towards it, a view of a large valley with a cypress at the far edge, " is this it" I said, " Yes," I swung my leg over the edge of the frame then my other leg, as I found myself staring into a world only my sketch book could describe, beauty and red purple sky, with a sun blazing orange, I rounded my head once more to glance through the frame I had just came through to see my adopted mother from a distance to the right.
That was the end of my life out that ranch, and an adventure of a lifetime that was now laid in front of me....Melial With my back pack hung around my arm I began walking through the valley, making my way to the cypress in the distance. I finally reached the lea in front of the cypress, still bewildered...

A New Beginning.
Under the Cypress I found shade from the unique sun like figure that shined in the sky, I rested my head against the trunk, and watched in silence at this new world. The field was green and the flowers beautiful and in full bloom the air was a sweet rose scent and the atmosphere was silent . My mind was still in pure astonishment of the days occurrences, I closed my eyes and drifted to my slumber.
I could sense something rubbing my hand, yet I did not want to stir, though the "something" kept nudging at my hand. I felt warmth and what seemed like fur against my skin, so my eyes popped open...WHAAAAAT.
I yelled, as a White Bengal Tiger stair back at me. Poised in stature, and graceful of walk the tiger was beautiful and frightening.
As my shocked drifted away I took noticed that the tiger was rested next to a plate of, nuts, berries, dates and figs.
The tiger looked at me, and all fright went away, it nudged the plate of food towards me, as if wanting me to eat.
Instead I dumped the plate of food into my backpack, without noticing what I had done until after , the tiger only turned her head a little bit, as though surprised with my actions... so was I couldn't believe I did that, my mind was clear... tiger was standing 1 foot from... and I'm already astounded as is.
After a few moments the tiger picked up my back pack ( with her mouth) and began to walk away, " where are you going" I yelled, She seemed to understand and gave me nod as to follow her. I obeyed, mostly because she took my back pack.
Seemingly walking for hours , the sun figure in the sky was beginning to set, "Are we at the place we are suppose to be at yet" I yelled ahead to the tiger, she did not falter on her trail...
Suddenly we appeared at a lush forest the deepest green imaginable, we stopped... " Can I have my bag back now"
the tiger dropped the bag and with her mouth pulled down on a branch of tree and the forest floor began to tremble, the ground began to open, and revealed was a long staircase into darkness... the tiger began to walk down the stairs, I hesitated, the tiger turned around as if to confirm I was still there, I slowly began to walk into the darkness...
Then the tiger stepped on a stair and the ground above began to close back, darkness began to consume all life in the staircase when lanterns lit along the walls one by revealing the stairs led into a long tunnel lined in gold and portraits hanging different people form some royal monarch. Seemingly endless...
Until Finally we reached two solid oak doors with gold knobs and carvings on the entire door of beautiful creatures, like the one next to me!
I felt a tug on my sleeve, the tiger was tugging an it, "yes" she pawed at the door, I assumed she wanted me to open it, so I did... As the door opened a light unlike any shown a yellow red, my eyes fell upon the stream that flowed through the room from the water fall, I slowly walked in, as a raccoon carrying an umbrella walked by me and flowers floated in the stream the light came from and actual sky, "unreal" is all I could manage to murmur... I continued walking around the water fall where trees grew and the animals had definite personification!
"This is most real Princess", " What" I said, I heard a voice, I turned and the tiger was gone, " Emily will return soon" I heard the voice again, "I can hear you, but where are you" I replied, when a small girl seemingly 11 walked up to me, " Was your voyage difficult Princess" she spoke " A little" I replied a bit puzzled," "Alright, come with me" she said, "Who are you" I asked a bit bluntly, she seemed happy by the questions, " I am Sayla, come with me",... I followed, around the trees following the path around the waterfall to another door, Sayla opened the door th reveal another hallway, except this was lined in purple, gold and red, and not so long as the last, reach another door lined in gold and carved with different types of birds on the door, Sayla open the magnificent door to reveal a room Royal blue and purple walls lined in gold border, to the right a gorgeous antique dressing table, and Royal Purple and Gold bed, as Sayla led me around the room to a wardrobe already filled with attire and a bathroom the size of a whole bedroom, then she showed me curtain rope by pulling that opened to a sliding glass door, onto a balcony that over looked a stone patio and a maze of a garden, as I looked around I could see vines growing on the side of the outside of the wall, as I looked closer I could see that this was built into the side of a mountain and this was the back ok the mountain.
"Princess", Sayla was looking at me, " This is your part of the castle, this sleeping chamber and the Nature Room, many have missed you, Queen Emily wants to see you on the patio as soon as you are able," she smiled as I realized why she had been calling me princess, a light came around her and suddenly she was a small twinkle flying away.
I walked onto the balcony starring out into the distance with thrill I had never felt in myself. Ahead of me lay a magnificent garden, a maze almost, beyond that, rolling hills while the air smelt of sweet rose.
To explain in words is very difficult, yet, I will try... the castle is made into a mountain, easily hidden from the north side and surrounding the mountain is a larger forest extending into the horizon.
I stood on the balcony admiring my new world, when the white tiger returned and was positioned next to a bench in the entrance to the garden, I seemed to have forgotten what I was standing there for, and I hurried down the narrow staircase to the right of the balcony. As I walked up to the white tiger, I could see that the garden was even taller than what it looked like from the balcony. Suddenly a bright white light circled around the tiger as if the someone was shinning a flash light directly in your eyes, as my eyes adjusted to lighting once more, My mouth fell open in disbelief.

Before my eyes stood a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair a long burgundy dress with gold trim and she wore a purple crown a top her head. She turned, and sat on the bench next to me, she took my hand, while I am still in utter amazement, then flashes of her life began pulsating through my head like a movie reel all the way to when I was taken from her. Tears streamed from my face, we both sat there in silence for a few moments, until my mother sat back and wiped the tears from my eyes and said " your home now Lillian".
My attention was taken when I noticed someone peaking around a large rose bush, I turned back to ask my Mother who the shy person was, though the only creature was the white tiger.
I walked slowly up to the large rose bush and I noticed a boy, about my age, brown hair, and my height.
A tear rolled down my eye, as I held out my hand, as with my mother, we clasped hands, and suddenly ever major event of our lives rushed through our heads within seconds.
We stood there looking out into the garden for the longest time, Until white tiger came to our side, and with amazement, I could understand her roars as English speech. Some how together Alex and I are powerful .

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