Paige Walked Through the Cemetary...

December 16, 2007
By LaToya Bollinger, Piedmont, MO

Paige walked through the cemetery places her hands in her pockets.
The night air was rising in her body.She grew cold and defenseless.
Her body and teeth chattered crazily.
She stopped in an instant her mind frozen.
She looked around her black hair blowing in the wind.
She seen in the distant tombstone a man with a knife.
She rubbed her eyes then placed her hands to her side.
The man was standing in her face.
The knife clinched in his right hand.
He took her around the waist and shoved the knife deep into her stomach.

Paige awoke from her dream sweating.
Her body paler then her skin ever could be.
She removed the covers and touched her stomach.
There was no blood.
Not even a blood mark.
She breathed deep.
She fell back onto the bed.
Her head resting on the pillow.
Paige smiled widely in relief.
Just as she shut her eyes and image of the man flopped back into her head.
She quickly awoke again and jumped up from the bed.
She walked out of her room.
Paige entered the bathroom.
She took a wash cloth and turned the faucet on.
Dabbed some water on the cloth and wiped her face off.

"Get a hold of yourself Paige!"

Paige said to herself.
She looked in the mirror and shut her eyes trying to breathe.
She opened her eyes and in the mirror was the mans reflection.
He grabbed her by the waist and stabbed her in the back.
Paige fell to the ground and the man blinked out.
Paige had a pool of blood around her.
She slowly was dieing.

Phoebe awoke a few moments later hearing the thud of Paiges limb body hit the floor.
Phoebe stood up and rubbed her eyes.
She walked out of her room.
She entered Paige's room confused as the door had been open.
She stood at the door way and looked into Paige's bed.
Phoebe noticed the bed was empty.
Phoebe gave a concerned look then turned and left the room.
She walked into the bathroom.
Her foot slipped into a pill of red liquid.
Phoebe caught herself on the sink.
She looked down and see it was leading from Paige.

Phoebe yelled as she rushed to Paige's side.
Leo orbed in rubbing his eyes.

"What is it?"
He asked as he landed from the orbs he slide landing on his bottom.
"Holy Crap!"
Leo yelled placing his hands over Paige.
His hands glowed a bright orangish-yellow.
Paige's blood began disappearing slowly as his hands healed her softly.
Her body still limb and suddenly his hands stopped glowing.
Phoebe was crying as she held Paige up.
"Turn her over."
Leo said to Phoebe.


"Just do it!"
Leo yelled as Phoebe quickly turned Paige over.
He found the hole in her stomach.
He quickly healed it.
Paige breathed in and looked at them.

Piper rubbed the side of the bed.
Piper said confused as she stood up.
She yawned and walked out of her room.
She walked into the bathroom.

"How many people can we fit in here?"
Paige asked as Piper entered.

"4 obviously!"
Piper said smiling.

"Piper...Paige just almost die!"
Phoebe said standing and helping Paige up.

Piper yelled turning her hair flipping.
"What do you mean! Paige almost died!"
Piper yelled again this time louder.

"Yes...But don't worry Leo healed her!"
Phoebe said nodding.
Piper took Paige in her arms hugging her strongly nearly chocking her.

"Are you OK!"
Piper yelled into Paige's ear.

"Well My ears aren't!"
Paige said rubbing her ears.

"Sorry... are you OK?"
Piper asked normal voice.
Paige nodded.
"Good!What happened?"

Piper asked.
Paige looked at Piper.

"You have no idea!"
Paige said rolling her eyes.

The sisters were sitting on the couch as Leo was standing on the opposite side of the room.
Paige looked at Piper.

"I had this dream that I was in a cemetery don't understand that yet...then this man attacked me and killed me... then i awoke realizing you was a then i went into the bathroom to wake myself up...well he was behind me and almost killed me!"

She said looking at Piper.

"Yea Luckily I heard her hit the floor and it woke me up!"

Phoebe said looking at Paige.
Paige nodded turning now to Phoebe.
Leo looked confused.

"That seems like you were laying at rest in your bed but you some how astral-ed somewhere else...but that doesn't make sense your a white-lighter you don't have that power!"

Leo said rubbing his chin with his hand.
Paige looked up at Leo flipping her hair.

"Maybe since I'm half witch I'm getting that power to?"

Paige suggested knowing it was probably not true.

"Possibly ,but i doubt...very much!"

Leo said looking at her now.

"OK why don't you go check with the elders then."

Piper said standing and giving him a kiss.

"I'll be back!"

Leo said smiling then orbing out.
Paige stood up and turned to Phoebe.
Phoebe stood and walked over to Piper.

"Oh great now everyone has at least two active powers and what do i have...1 little levitation trick...I fell so gifted!"

Phoebe said rolling her eyes.
Phoebe looked at the ceiling.
"I don't understand you i not deserve one or something?"
She yelled up to them.
Piper looked at Phoebe.

"Phoebe... they can't hear you!"

"So its worth a try!"

1 hour later the girls were in the kitchen.
Piper was fixing some dinner.
Leo finally orbed in.


Paige asked who is now sitting at the table with Phoebe.
Leo turned to Paige.

"You can astral project!"

Leo said looking at Paige.
Her eyes grew wide with delight.

Phoebe was now standing up behind her seat.
She looked at Paige then to Leo.

"WHAT! that isn't fair!"

Phoebe yelled.
Phoebe instantly stormed out of the room.
Paige gave a startled look as it all happened in a flash.

"Are you serious?"

She asked as she slowly stood up.
Leo looked at her nodding.
Paige opened her mouth.

"I guess I'm related to Prue after all then!"

She said smiling.

She slightly laughed.
Her smile disappeared as she was starring in to space.

"Yes ,but the demon that attacked you is still out there!"

Piper said walking over by Leo.
Piper folded her arms looking at Paige.

"Actually...he was a warlock he could blink."

Paige said looking at Piper.

"You know what I mean!"

Piper replied as Paige grinned.
Phoebe was in the attic flipping through the book.
She stopped on a page with a power switching spell.
Behind her blinked in the warlock.
He moved over to her creeping.

"This should do it! Whats mine is yours,whats yours is mine,let our powers cross the line,i offer up my gift to share,switch our powers through the air!"

Phoebe said Paige and Piper fell to the ground.
suddenly blue sparkles lifted out of the sisters bodies and started twirling.
Phoebe fell to the ground as the blue sparkles landed inside of her.
Phoebe smiled as she stood up and wiped off her shirt and pants.
Behind her stood the demon looking at her strangely.
Paige and Piper stood up.
They rubbed their heads and both said at the same time.


They both ran up stairs.
they entered just in time to see Phoebe blow up the warlock.
Piper froze as Paige copied Phoebe turned around.

"I switched our powers!"

Phoebe said smiling and looking at her sisters.

The girls were in the attic as Piper brushed her hair behind her ears.

"We have to switch them back!"

She yelled she ran over to the book.
Thankfully it was open to the right page.

"What mine is yours,whats yours is mine,let our powers cross the li..."

Piper was thrown forward by a now resurrecting demon.
Paige looked at the warlock that was just blown up.

"Um...Big metal pole thingy!"

She yelled as nothing happened.
Piper stood up.

"Paige Do something!"

"I'm trying but I can't!"

Phoebe looked at the demon.
She started freezing him but he pulled through it.
He waved his hand sending Paige flying into a pile of boxes.


Paige yelled as she flew through the air.
Piper watched as the demon moved his hand.


Piper yelled as she ran over to Phoebe.

"Phoebe blow him up!"

"I'm trying how do i do it?"

Piper looked at Phoebe who was flicking her hands.

"OK just close your eyes...Concentrate on him exploding into a million pieces like last time...Now...flick!"

Piper yelled as Phoebe did so.
The demon fell into a heap on the ground into pieces.

"Good girl now lets get our power back!"

Piper and Phoebe ran over to Paige and helped her up.
The warlock started resurrecting as the all were standing.

"Power of three spell?"

Phoebe asked as Piper nodded.
The three of them grasped hands and chanted out loud.

"The power of three will set us free,
the power of three will set us free,
The power of three will set us free,
the power of three will set us free!!"

The warlock the turned into flames and slowly exploded.
Phoebe,Paige,and Piper the walked over to the book returning their powers.

The three of them and Leo are now sitting at P3.
All with mineral water in their hands.

"Phoebe why did you pull such a crazy move?"

Piper asked looking at Phoebe and taking a sip of the mineral water.
Phoebe smiled and looked at Piper.

"I just was just so mind drained to get another active power...,but now i think i should wait I'll get one soon enough!"

Phoebe said smiling as Paige and Piper nodded.
Leo came and sat down by Piper.
Paige smiled and lifted up her drink.

"I'll drink to that!"

Paige said as the three of the girls lifted their glasses and slowly clinked them together.

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