April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I can feel your breath on my neck. But when I turn around, no one's there. I feel that I'm going crazy. When I actually see you, I can feel you wanting me. I feel as if I know you somehow, yet we've never talked. In my dreams, you are. I was up screaming in terror. Are you the enemy? I fear you are. But then why do I love you? I can feel the presence, hear your heart beat. When I close my eyes, I see your face. Scared, alone, longing in your eyes. You're here, with me, for me. You protect me. I fear you'l hurt me, but I know you won't. If I know you love me enough not to hurt me, then, why did you? You played me. Lead me on, but left me on a curb. You really hurt me, but you don't know that. You seem not to care and that brings pain to me. You did yell and you did get angry. I don't know if you mean it or not, but when I saw this side of you, I became scared. Could I trust you? Would you trust me? No, you're not the only one I've loved. No, you're not the onlt one I'll ever love. But you're special. You listened when no one else would. But then you had to say those words to me. I've become scared to close me eyes, but even more scared to open them. This whole thing is insane. I can't give up, fall down. I go through the pain everyday. It' starting to crash down on me. I won't cry, for the tears won't stop...

I didn't mean for it to turn into this. I was scared, but want to feel the hurt. No blood, just a scratch. I wanted blood, but I don't want to use those. You made me do this! How? You hurt my feelings, that's how! You don't really care, you just messed with my mind! You have no clue how it hurt? I do. You have no clue what I'm doing. If I told you, you wouldn't care! You'd laugh, No comforting from you! That's why you don't need to know. You were so nice yesterday! But not today. I love you. I thought you still loved me, but guess I was wrong. You kill me. So watch me suffer! I know, you won't care. I'll hurt so much. I might scream sometimes. But I don't care anymore. You COULD comfort me. Let me cry on your shoulder why you hold me in your arms. But you probably won't, knowing you. If you honestly don't see what's going on with me, I should just give up. Ten I can just cry and cry and cry. You won't care, so nwither will I. Happy? You won, again! I'm sick and tired of your drama. I'm sick and tired of mine, too. I usually loose so what's the point if you keep winning. From this day forth, things will change. You just have to deal with it. Look, I won.

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