The Spirits

December 15, 2007
By Casey McAuley, Chilliwack, BC

Once there was a girl named Madison Star, she grew up in an orphanage after her parents were killed in a house fire. Life in the orphanage wasn't easy and she often ran away in search of something better. When she was 16 years old she found a job and a small apartment close to a high school.

Madison was a distant and very cold girl, she stayed away from other kids at school and at her part time job. "Yep" thought Madison " this is my miserable life and I'm not going to spread it to anyone else".

Little did she know is that a big surprise was waiting for her around the corner.
Aiden Moone an average teenage boy, hated school , hung around with friends, played video games and did homework at the last minute or not at all. Every day was the same, go to school get detention, run late for hockey practice, fail a test and get grounded.

Aiden never suspected that the biggest adventure of his life was waiting around the corner.


"Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't see you, are you okay?" asked Aiden.

"Yeah I'm fine, watch where your going next time" said Madison as she looked behind her to see the music box she had been carrying crushed on the pavement.

"Oh no! my music box it's broken, great I am so going to lose my job now" yelled Madison.

" Sorry is there anything I can do to help?" asked Aiden.

Madison looked at him with stormy blue eyes thinking
" Well do you have any money on ya?" asked Madison.

Aiden dug through his pocket and took out a 20 $ bill "that's all I have for now" he said.

" With the money I have put together with that it should be enough to get it fixed" said Madison but she wondered why she was being so nice to this boy usually she wouldn't let a boy get anywhere near her but for some reason doing that to this boy felt wrong.

" By the way my name is Aiden whats yours?"asked Aiden. Madison's normal reaction would be to say " none of your business" but again it felt wrong.

" It's Madison" she said.
" Nice to meet you" said Aiden.

When they got to the repair shop the door was locked and a huge sign that said "Closed on Fridays".

" This is not my day" said Madison.

" Hay wait look over there across the street maybe the antique shop has someone that can fix it" said Aiden.

"I guess its worth a try" said Madison as she followed Aiden across the street.

When they walked into the shop it was dark and dusty the only light came from oil lamps on the walls.

"Hello is anyone here?" asked Aiden.

There was no answer.

Madison walked up to the front desk and saw a note it read:

" went out to lunch, I will be back at 1:00pm sharp Sorry for any inconvenience
Store owner Selene"

Madison looked at her watch it was 12:50 “only a 10 minute wait my as well stay here” she thought.

" The store owner went out but she'll be back in a few minutes" said Madison.

" All right we'll wait here then until she comes back" said Aiden.

They decided to look around to pass the time, when both of then found two swords with inscriptions on each of them. Madison and Aiden picked up the swords and both read the inscriptions out loud.

" Two souls with the same destiny
but live different lives,
Each with the power to defend
against evil and protect the innocent.
One rules the spirit of Darkness
the other spirit of light.
Awaken spirits and claim your
master" they both read.

Then the two swords began to glow and float in front of them. Madison and Aiden were in a trance as they slowly grabbed the swords.

Madison held her sword and whispered " Spirit of Darkness I call you". Then the dark glow from the sword surrounded her and her clothing changed from jeans and a T- shirt to a black dress, a cape, a tall black leather boots, a pair of black leather gloves, a black butterfly mask covering her eyes, and a belt to carry her sword.

There stood the Midnight Warrior.

At that time Aiden whispered " Spirit of Light I call you". A bright glow surrounded him and his clothing began to change, his jeans turned white, his shoes turned into white boots, his T-shirt turned into a white suit with gold buttons, on his back appeared a long white cape, a belt to carry his sword and a big white mask to cover his eyes.

And there stood the Twilight Warrior.

The glow faded and they snapped out of their trance.

"What the hell!" they both yelled at the same time.

"What Just happened?" asked Aiden.

"I don't have a clue" said Madison as she looked at the clothing she was wearing.

"I can tell you" said a voice that seemed to be all around them.

"Who is there?" yelled Madison as she with drew her sword in her right hand.

"I mean no harm, I'm here to help you, my name is Selene I'm here to tell you what has happened" said Selene.

"Then please tell us what has happened" pleaded Aiden.

"Very well "said Selene.

In a flash of light a woman appeared wearing a silver dress.

"Welcome Midnight and Twilight Warrior the two of you have been granted the powers of light and dark to defeat evil and defend the innocent" said Selene.

"But how do we?" asked Aiden.

"You call your powers with the swords you hold in your hands, In the swords are magical attacks when you need them you will now how to summon them" explained Selene.

"Who will we be fighting"asked Madison.

"You two will be fighting an evil sorcerer named Krono Serin he is planing to kill the entirehuman race, but before he dose that he needs to weaken them by sending evil spirit to attack the major city's and the first attack is New York" said Selene.

"But why do we have to do fight why can't you do it?" asked Aiden

"Because I don't have enough power to defeat him, the two of you do"said Selene.

"But we are only kids why couldn't you give this power to anyone else an adult maybe" said Aiden.

"Because we are the only ones compatible for the spirits not just anyone can unlock them" Madison said.

" That right how did you know?" asked Selene.

" I've read a lot about magic and spirits over the last few years" said Madison.

"Any ways how do we change back to our regular selves? asked Aiden.

"Just think it and you will change back" said Selene.

Then the room floated in colors and Madison and Aiden were back in their regular forms. Their swords turned into necklaces to make them not so obvious. Selene had also changed to she now looked like a normal human her eyes were once silver blue but now they were light sky blue and she was wearing a black sweater and blue jeans.

" Wait a minute, your the store owner?" asked Madison.

"Yes I have a civilian form like you two do" said Selene.

"Oh! I almost forgot can you fix this it fell on to the sidewalk when we bumped into each other" said Madison.

"Of course! Come back and I'll have it fixed , oh! wait hold on take these you can use them to contact each other in case one of you needs help in an attack" said Selene.

"Thank you Selene" said Madison.

"Please remember to keep them with you at all time it could mean the difference between victory and defeat, I also have one so I can contact each of you if a problem occurs at night and your sleeping" said Selene.

"All right see you sometime Selene" said Aiden as he hurried after Madison.

"Good luck you two! You'll need it" said Selene.

That night an eerie wind blew, that stars were covered by clouds only the moonlight shone through the mist. something or someone evil was out there as all the lights in the sleepy city went out and a shadow over cast it.

"Hey! Madison, Aiden wake up, there is a spirit out there you have to beat" said Selene through the communicator.

"Huh whose there?" asked Aiden sleepily.

"It's Selene come on wake up you two have a fight to go to" said Selene.

"We're up, we're up" came two voices through the other end.

Madison climbed out of bed and held her sword necklace out in front of her and whispered "Spirit of Darkness I call you". In a flash the Midnight Worrior stood in her place. "Let it begin" she said as she disappeared with a swish of her cape.

Aiden fell out of bed and stumbled to his feet and said sleepily " Spirit of light I call you" in a flash stood the Twilight Warrior. " It has begun"he said as he disappeared in a flash of light.

They appeared over looking Central park with their swords in hand. Standing before them was a man dressed in black and blood red robes, he was holding a long staff with a deadly looking blade at the end. He had evil red eye and a mean looking smirk on his face.

" I'm Krono Serin are the two of you here to challenge me?" asked Krono.

"Of course we are" said Midnight as she drew her sword towards Krono.

" Oh goody I so love a challenge" aid Krono as he pointed his staff at her waiting for her to made the first move.

Midnight took it without a second thought and summoned her attack " Eternal Nightmare Darkness" yelled Midnight.

Midnights attack was stronger then Krono had thought and he was blown back and struggled to shack off the affects of the attack.

"Twilight taking advantage of the weakness moved behind Krono when he wasn't looking and powered up his attack. "Light inferno" he yelled.

The attack pushed Krono in to a tree and when he stumbled back to his feet his eyes were blazing mad.

"That's it I have it no one treats me like that and gets away!" yelled Krono as he began to glow and summon an attack, "Spirits of the underworld come to my aid!" he yelled.

At the moment shadow like spirits rose from the ground and suddenly lashed out at Twilight and Midnight, with their hand like claws nailing then to a tree side by side.

"At my command they'll suck the life out of you, surrender now and I'll order them to let you go and you'll work under me for all eternity" said Krono.

"There is no way we'll join you creep" yelled Twilight.

Krono now looked at Midnight "What about you host of the Dark spirit?" he asked.

Midnight hesitated.

“Midnight your not really thinking of joining this creep are you?" asked Twilight with a worried look on his face.

Midnight looked between Twilight and Krono unsure ness written on her face. Finally she came to a decision

"I surrender to you Lord Krono" she said.

" Midnight how could you?" asked Twilight as he watched her being set free from the shadow demons.

"Human kind was never kind to me it's time they paid for it" said Midnight.

" You made a wise choice " said Krono.

"I'm sure I did" said Midnight.

"Would you like to do the honours" Said Krono motioning to kill Twilight.

"I would love to" she said as she rose her sword and pointed it at Twilight.
Midnight mumbled something neither Twilight nor Krono could hear.

A black glow flowed from Midnights sword and into Twilight. Twilight soon lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

"Well done mistress of the dark you passed my test" said Krono with a big evil grin on his face.

"I did what I to do to survive" said Midnight.

"Well lets finish what I sent out to do" said Krono and he and Midnight disappeared.

Krono and Midnight reappeared on a tall building over looking New York.

"At last the time has come for me to take this place the humans have wasted all of it. It's time for me to tell them how to handle it" said Krono.

"Of course lord Krono" said Midnight.

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets start" said Krono as he closed his eyes in concentration.

"Spirits of the shadows
Form together and spread our
evil, on my word release your selves
Spirits of Shadows rel-"

Krono was interrupted by…..

"Lights of the stars unleash your power!" yelled a voice.

That moment the clouds in the sky disappeared and the stars were shining brighter the ever before all the light focused on Krono.

"How can you still be alive I saw you die" yelled Krono as he shielded his eyes from the intense light.

"That's what you think, I put him under a darkness illusion spell to make him appear dead, he woke up after you, me and your little shadow demons left" said Midnight as she jumped over beside Twilight.

"You tricked me" yelled Krono.

"Yeah Yeah you evil people are so gullible" said Midnight.

"I'll get you for this , shadow demons come fourth" yelled Krono.

But because of the stars giving off so much light the shadow demons hid in the shade of the trees below them.
"Fine I'll kill them my self " yelled Krono as he powered up a ball of magical energy in his hands.

The energy ball herald towards them but it vaporized on contact with their two crossed swords.

Energy radiated from Twilight and Midnight as the stood side by side with their swords crossed over one another.

"It is time we showed you the true powers of Light and Dark" the both said together.

"There can't be one with out the other " stared Twilight.

"So we will merge together and become one" said Midnight.

"Spirits of Light and Dark we call upon you come to your aid" they yelled.

Then both light and dark energy exploded from them and flew their way towards Krono.

"Nooooo!" was the last thing Krono said before he vanished.
"We did it I can't believe we just did it" yelled Madison as she jumped up and down still hanging on to Aiden as he changed back.
"Yes we certainly did it but there'll probably be more like him our lives may never be the same" said Aiden.

"Yeah your right about that one, are ready for the challenge?" asked Madison.

"You bet I am, no evil spirit is going to get through the Twilight Warrior " said Aiden.
"Or the Midnight Warrior" said Madison as they watched over the sleepy City.

Ever since then Madison Star and Aiden Moon’s life was forever ruled by the Spirits.

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