A wish upon a star

December 14, 2007
"Wow...this view is just...indescribable." Katrina said "Do you even, actually LOOK at how beautiful the night skies are?" Looking above the starry nights on a summer day, Travis replies " YEAH! i knew you'll like the view!" " Travis! your halarious!" Katrina said with a smile. As silence pulled them apart for a split moment, they just laid down for a while in the fresh-cut grass. "...hey, Kartrina i wanna ask you something. I know it's pretty lame but.." "..it's fine, tell me what it is, no matter how LAME you think it is" Kartina intruppted with a chuckle. " Do you wish upon a star?" " I do but, i also dont."She replied " Katrina, that doesnt make sense...it's either you do or..ya dont." Travis said " NO! i meant, i do wish upon a star but, i never expect it to come true. It's too hard to belive, Its just too much of a FAIRYTALE...you know what i mean?" "...yea...sorta"Travis replied "look at it this way, lets say you wanted the most happiest life. A big beautiful house, friends you can trust, family that just always gets togeather....it's....almost...impossible." Katrina solemnly said. "...Is there something going on that you want to talk about?...i mean its YOUR birthday! Come'on Lighten up!!" Travis said cheerfully. "HEY! You didn't even listen yet!" katrina said. "okay, okay lets hear it..." " Things have been...i guess a little off for me...nothings going right. Im flunking in school, im losing some of my closest friends to some popular girl, my family is totally tearing apart...and this one guy that listen to me when im upset and always finds a way to cheer me up..." Kartrina tried to hold back her tears from preventing him seeing her cry. From that moment, Travis knew that she was talking about him. Guys always only look at her body but, never at her personality. Basically, they just wanted to lust after her but, he secretly love her from the beginning. Making her feel tranquil and loved, when he knew there were so many things going across her mind. He then, started to realize she has the same feeling. Travis went up and gave her a hug. Katrina felt a sudden shock from the touch of his skin. His light-brown shaggy hair brushing against her shoulder blades and his blue striped polo shirt collor touching the tip of her chim, made her felt warm and protected." Dont worry everythings going to be alright...okay, hey how bout this, wish upon a star right now, i guarantee you'll feel alot better!" " Okay, fine!" katrina said feelin better. As Katrina closed her eyes, Travis began to feel chemistry between them. He looked at her and watched her patiently wishing."Okay! I already made a wish!"Katrina said "cool! so what is it?" "I can't tell you! or else it wouldn't ocme true !" "...maybe it wil..." Travis moved in closer to her as they were sitting at the edge of a cliff that would reach the river waters. Katrina felt butterflies flying around in her stomach. He looked into her dark brown, almond shaped eyes and brushed back her black hair.Katrina just couldn't keep stop staring at his aqua blue eyes when, he cupped his hand around her face and gave her the most gentle and sweetest kiss.As they slowly parted from each others lips, Travis asked " So...did your dream come true yet?" Travis said " " Travis...You are my fairytale"

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