Pass the Class

December 14, 2007
Pass the class
Today we get our final exam grades. I am a nervous wreck. I didn’t sleep last night. The teacher comes to me. She gently places the paper on my desk. My graduation depends on this grade. My hand shakes reaching for it. I turn it over with my eyes closed. Finally, I look. F.

He went under. I jumped. My heart raced as I swam towards him. I grabbed the boy from behind, my arms under his. The rescue tube held his head above the water. I swam us to shore, kicking my legs harder and harder. Finally reaching the sand, I helped him up. He was alive.

Sweet Camping Trip
“Look at the Milky Way.”
“It’s just Dots in the sky.”
“You’re such an Airhead.”
“Well at least I’m not a Nerd!”
“Go in the tent and get a Hershey’s Bar. We’ll make s’mores.”
“Oops! I dropped it.”
“Hey! Look in the lake. There’s Swedish Fish.”
“Let’s go for a Fun Dip with them.”

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