The Night’s Message

December 14, 2007
By Maria Materise, Williamsville, NY

On a cool autumn night, I walk along a path. My footsteps are the only sound, thumping behind me. There is nothing outside except the world and me. Then, the wind whizzes by as I walk with my world.

The wind, she speaks, she has a message. I listen closely to the whispers in my ear. “Tonight’s the night.” She says to me. I wonder what she could mean.

Soon, the breeze, Wind’s younger sister, washes me over with cool freshness. Breeze gradually envelops me, and again I hear, “Tonight’s the night.” The breeze has spoken, it has confided in me. But still, I am confused. “The night for what?” I ask. Now, both Wind and Breeze are silent.

So, I continue along my path and wander through my world. This moment is peaceful, but it does not last long. The cousin of the wind and breeze shows his face now. His name is Fog, and he slowly takes over my world. He engulfs me in his blanket and I cannot see a thing. My path ahead is no longer clear. But the fog, he says to me, “Tonight’s the night.” I am now on the border of perplexity. What could these night beings be saying? I walk along and ponder this, but I am not left alone.

The father of the night, Moon, has shown his smiling face. He gazes down and says to me, “Tonight, tonight.” I ask to please explain his message. The moon is generous and he obliges. “Tonight. Tonight we are free.”

And now I understand.

The wind, the breeze, the fog, the moon, this happy family. This is their time. This is their place. And I, merely an intruder. The night is when they come out and live. To them, the night is day. The night is fun. The night is magic. The night is peace. The night is freedom.

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