Used: A Story of the Fix

December 14, 2007
The drawer opened, and bright light from above blinded her. She felt the same cold hands gripping her, with a familiar tremble. A terrible tremble, that always lasted until the hands had taken what they wanted. She was lifted out of the dark hole which she was so familiar with, whispers coming from the owner of the hands. Suddenly, a noise from afar, the tremble stopped, and back into the darkness she went, the drawer closing part way, light from outside partially illuminating her abyss.
She heard words, rushed, like the whispers just before. Then another noise in the distance again and light flooded the drawer once more, and she was lifted out of the drawer, but this time a new sense of urgency emanated from these hands. The same unstable quiver came, all that she had felt since the dark night in that alleyway, it made her nervous but she already knew what was coming next. That same process which rapaciously stole from her, and so much of her already gone, at this rate she would be completely used up, nothing left to aid the shake of the hands. From the drawer she was moved to a large object off of the ground, rectangular in shape and soft as she was laid upon it.
Her plastic cage was opened, and from above the hands took her, placing the poor girl on top of her cell. Then a long, thin, sharp object drew near and cut her. She had already adjusted to this pain and simply viewed it as a part of the redundant process. There was another silver object next to her long and it had a handle, at the tip, a circular dip which she was pushed into. From her new vantage point she was being lifted into the air, the silver object which possessed her obscured her view of below. Then there was a noise below her, a click of sorts. She waited, within moments a warming sensation began, it spread everywhere, she hated the feeling. Her dread felt no end, she was no longer indifferent to this routine. The heat took over, it won, and she melted. Everything was blurry from the surface of her new liquid state.
Another shiny sharp object came close, it had a point that touched her, sending tiny ripples in all directions, small ripples, but she felt them. She felt them. She was sucked into a tube through the sharp point, and lifted high into the air, in the distance she saw one of the trembling hands, and down she went with the tube into a long foreign object connected to the hand. The sharp point pierced something below, she couldn’t tell, everything was happening so fast, and down she was forced into another abyss, feeling so used.

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