April 10, 2011
By jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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Say its pitch black out, in winter, but theres just enough starlight to make the trees and snow and ice glow a little. The air is cold. And when you breath out, you can see your breath. When you look up into the trees, the icicles that hang down from each bony twig look so perfect and clear.

There is this huge mountain with a hole going down the center. Magma at the bottom bubbling. Theres a nick in the wall and that's where you stand. You feel a rush, you feel great, not icy, but the same intinsity, the same amount of feeling good inside you.

Imagine a desert. Nothing for miles, now make the ground soft and fluffy like pillows or marshmellows, and the air is stickey and thick and sweet and warm. There is pink and red everywhere. Balloons and glitter, and your falling back in slow-motion, lost. But happy.. thats where you are. Lost in fluff. Lovey, gooy, yuckey, fluff... your confined in your own mind. Forever. And you have to live with it or train your mind to take where you want to go. Then you will be able to say, no more ickey fluff! and it will melt away into the lava beneeth your feet, the ground will rummble and you will have the power to, feel... like its real.

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