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Answer Me

April 14, 2011
By EarthBender BRONZE, Stony Brook, New York
EarthBender BRONZE, Stony Brook, New York
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Hello God. I'm calling you from Earth. I need some answers. Are you up there? Can you here me? Why she stays mad and she stay sad because she won't accept her apology. And why all that drama on the TV is pushed into my reality. And why she looks at me with such ignorance. Well according to me that will never be bliss. And why one day he'll say yes and than he'll say no. And why he makes me look like such a freak show. And why does she make those comments about my race. To me that's like a slap in the face. And how can she say I'm thehypocritee. When none of her words ever fit. And why does she not appreciate the things I think are great. And when I do my best but fall she doesn't seem to care at all. And why when I'm in pain am I left out in the rain. While you're safe inside finding a place to hide. And why does she put me down for being religious. Makes me look like an idiot for believing in Jesus... And God and Satin and heaven and hell. Well I believe in all of those as well. And why is her attitude so cruel and mean. And why is she always cutting off my scene. And they wonder why I want to escape. To a place where I can be loved and cared. And where friends will be there and help me when I'm scared. Because in my mind all that is hard or bad or depressing or sad can be gone when I leave my little world called reality. So why did you make life so unfair? I question if you even care. Please God, answer my prayer. 

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