Red High Heels

December 13, 2007
By Ryann Kinsey, Lauderdale By The Sea, LA

A pair of red high heels or dirty, fuzzy slippers? Is the question that continuously

rings through my mind. I rush in a hurry trying not make him wait in the car for just

another five minutes. My phone rings again, and I reply by saying I will be down in two

minutes. I jump onto the bed and slip my feet into my red high heels. It suddenly

reminds me of rushing to the club with all my friends, but I knew I would get in trouble if

my parents got back before I left. A sudden breeze from the window wakens me back to

reality. I turn off the Television, shut the window, and turn off the left over lights.

Franticly I rush toward the door and grab my keys. I glance to do one more check in the

mirror. Slowly checking up and down I make sure that my dark blue jeans still look

good with my red shirt and my red high heels. Closing the door I lock the top lock and

jog to the elevator.
Pressing the down button, the doors open, and I enter the elevator. To my

surprise, I see an old friend. We both feel a little odd because not only were we friends,

but we had dated before Casey (my current boyfriend).

“What floor” he asks.

“1 please.”

The elevator begins to lower from the 6th floor, and the conversation began.

Nosey, I ask,

“Do you have an apartment in the condo also?”

“Actually I just moved in, and I am unaware of what is around here though.”

I am guessing it is because he lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for most of his

life. The conversation began to roll and he tried to flirt with me just a bit by saying how

ravishing I was, just like when we were dating. I was not very inventive to the rest of the

conversation because I just wanted to go see Casey. I gave a few nods acting as if I

cared. Then giving a giggle, I pushed my hair behind by shoulders to give some response

to his continuous flirting. Finally the elevator door opened and I walked out. Knowing

that my ex was watching me, I gave a little strut just enough to let my long brown hair

bounce gently as I walked. I did not want it to seem like I was doing it just for him, so I

gave a wink to Casey. The elevator went up when I reached the spiraling door of the


Gently I opened the door of Casey’s black Mustang. He was wearing all black

with a red tie. With a simple kiss on the lips we began our way to the restaurant. Again

and again he talks about his day, and I go into a daze. His voice is now an echo to me

while I am staring into his red tie. The red begins to remind me of all the fun times I had

with my red high heels. Not only did they get me compliments, and friends, but they are

extremely stylish. Slowly he pulled the car to the valet section, and a young man came to

escort me out of the car. Casey rushed around, eager to hold my hand and show that I was

not on the market. When we got into the Italian Restaurant we were seated right away in

a cozy booth near the back. It was a table for two with chairs on both ends. Casey

seemed a little anxious and moved the chair that I would be sitting in right next to his.

Looking over the menu I order the alfredo while Casey asks for the Mahi Mahi.

“So how was your day today?” Casey.

“It was wonderful, but I ahhh…” Ivy

It crosses through my mind maybe I should not tell him that I went out to lunch

with a guy friend from work earlier. I knew he would be jealous then, so I must watch

what I say.

“I just cleaned a bit and did my laundry.”

I quickly respond before he notices that I as lying. The food was placed on the

table, and Casey wants to share the pasta. Sliding the plate over between us, my heart

starts to race thinking I that he might actually ask me at any moment. Then out of the

blue Casey reaches for his pocket, and I think this is the moment that I did not

want to happen till I was older around say my late 30s. I am too young right now to settle

down, and I know I will not be able to settle down because I love partying and hanging

out with my friends, but at the same time I knew I would want to be with him later in life.

Sit there I knew I have to make the decision quickly, and I knew I had to say yes

because if I do not then I would mess up not only our relationship, but also my entire

life. I am one of those girls that just does not want to be tied down because you do not

know what could happen, and I never want to hurt him. I just do not want to have to

worry about that. His right hand reaches closer for his pocket, but seems to go slower and

slower, and at the same time he is lowering his knee to rest it upon the ground. Finally he

pulls something out of his pocket, and it is a 2CT diamond ring that shinned like a star in

the night sky. That was the exact moment I dreaded and it has come.

“We have been through so much and I just….ummm…will you marry me?”

Casey said.

“I….well, Casey. You know I love you, so I am sorry, but I can not. I still want to

have fun with my friends. I guess I am saying I do not want to be committed right

now. It is not like I do not want to be with you for the rest of my life. I am only

saying that just not right now. I love you but….I am still confused

about my life in general, and I do not want to make a bad decision that will not

only hurt me but also you.”

This is all I can come up with because I do not want to crush him completely, and

I do not want him to hate me. I never thought he could look so upset till then. He storms

out of the restaurant and drives away in a furry. Looking to the waiter I say,

“Can I have some more wine please?”

Of course I am upset that he is gone, but if he could not accept it then he

obviously did not love me. I stir the wine in my glass slowly by making circles with my

hands. I glance into the red wine, and with a chuckle say to myself,

“Well, at least I still have the rest of my Friday night left to go out with the girls….

and my red high heels.”

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