The Fun House

December 13, 2007
By Alicia Hallett, Hengoed, ZZ

Eloise had only been to America this once, and she was sure for some reason that this was going to be her last visit. A feeling of dread hanging over her since she had given over two of her costly carnival tickets to the top - hatted man at the entrance of the foreboding amusement, which ultimately was not very amusing.

The name above the door had read "Fun house" a sign that featured a sinister looking clown above it. It was like the Ghost Train she would go on back home. Just Worse. The unnerving laughter that once pierced the air at the beginning of the fright fest was now a distant memory. A grim choice of decor didn't help along the obscure piece of classical music that could be heard no matter what part of the house you should be in. The walls, smeared with fake blood, at least she hoped it was fake. All did nothing to calm her nerves.
"Mikey?" she croaked. Where was he? her older brother had a habit of playing jokes on her but he usually jumped out by now, pointing and laughing. Usually hysterical at how much of a chicken she could be, but she would have proffered that. There had been no sign of anyone.Any ware. Images of being locked in all night raced through her mind. The building was eerily cold, despite the neon lights and gas lamps placed around. Brushing her blond hair out of her face, along with a few cobwebs, she noticed how cold her fingers were.Rubbing her hands together and slowly treading down the dusty corridor. Her expensive trainers applying pressure to the old floorboards providing a creak.

Bang! she jumped her heart pounding in her ears, breathing heavy. Was it a door slamming, a trapdoor? yes they have trap doors in places like this don't they? Picking up speed she was tempted to sprint to the oak door at the end of the hallway. Thats until she took a step forward.The lights flickered, and the door in question slowly swung open. The teen stifled a shriek. Turning as fast as a whip to run in the opposite direction. All sense of reason she had gone. Eloise suddenly slammed into someone falling back, hitting the floor with a thud. Laughing reached her ears, she groaned.
No answer.
"ugh don't do that, it's not funny she huffed, sitting up. Hand pressed to her forehead, she opened her eyes. However it wasn't her brother stood before her, but the looming figure of a clown one hand behind his back, white face and completely mad eyes. Bright red lips painted into a smile. He revealed the hand that was once hidden. Her green eyes widened she tried to move.It was no use.

Screaming and screaming. Until her piercing voice faded into the maniacal laughing that could always be heard from "The Fun House".

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MissA7Xlover BRONZE, Swansea, Other
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I fount this peice of work very interesting i like the way you are using your descriptive writing in this :)


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