My Hero, the Dolphin

December 13, 2007
It was a normal day, overcast and clouds becoming darker and darker within each minute. Atlantic city streets are always crowded, especially around the Trump Taj Mahal. As I neared that building, I noticed that the sidewalks were no longer congested. I found it strange that so many people would run from a small rain shower...even before it happened. When I glanced inside the Trump Taj Mahal, I noticed everyone crammed in, with all the lights off, and in silence. Then, I heard someone scream, "A tornado, a huge twister...I see it, I see it!" As soon as the voice had come it vanished, leaving not a clue behind about where that person had went, maybe to hide. I ran to the Taj Mahal, but there were so many people inside, I couldn't move the door! Feeling as if all hope was lost, I walked down a small street that came to a dead end, and took hiding in a large, green dumpster as a last resort. Once inside, everything became silent and then a large roar began to grow, starting at lion cub and stretching to Tyrannosaurus Rex! "Smack," the dumpster which I was hiding in was slammed against a brick wall, then lifted and thrown at would I would consider to be the speed of light. It landed not with a tremendous thud, but with a splash! I figured I had landed in the Atlantic Ocean; after all, I was in the Atlantic City. The dumpster took on water, and was battered around by huge waves. Somehow, I managed to open the top door of the dumpster, and realized that I wasn't near the coast, I wasn't near a sand bar, and I wasn't in swimming distance of land... I was sitting in a dumpster filled with left over food fit for various sharks, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I was frantic, and without thinking, I jumped from the feeding fiesta into water filled with hundreds, even thousands of creatures roused up by the change in barometric pressure. I spotted a fin, then another, and then another. It was all over. I floated on the water awaiting the impact of bone crushing teeth and jaw pressure. Suddenly, I was lifted out of the water. I closed my eyes in fear of the pain that would soon follow, but then I opened them, and realized I was being carried by a dolphin, A dolphin would be considered a frightening porpoise for unsuspecting sharks. In complete relief, I closed my eyes, took a short nap, and before I knew it, the dolphin brought me to shore. Now that problem was off my back, but what problems would I encounter when I returned to my home, Atlantic City? The tornado must have done some damage. Well, back to the drawing board!

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