The Dreaded Blood Bat

December 13, 2007
By Daniel Schoenberg, Davie, FL

Once in a village in Montana, there was a forest. This forest was called,

The Forest of Death. There were many monsters and beasts that inhabited this area.

There were Blood Sucking Larvae, Giant Ants, Poison Spiders, Crazy Monkies, and

Whatever you could think of. Though, one thing everyone was scared of, more scared of

than death itself, was the Dreaded Blood Bat. It was always thirsty for blood. He was a

monster, he was a beast, he was the Dreaded Blood Bat.

One day a villager, whose name is Jack, who travels the country in search of an adventure and conquest, came to the village. He had heard of the bat’s killings and was fascinated about it. So, he traveled from the other side of the country. When he came to the village he yelled out, “I have come to kill the bat that terrorizes your village! I mean no harm to the people of Avalon!” All of the villagers were hiding it their huts. Only one came out, it was the priest of the village. “Young man, I believe you said you wish to kill the bat?” said the man.

“I do, jus tell me where the demon is and I’ll vanquish it off the face of the earth!”
“Ha, ha, ha. Young man, you certainly are crazy enough. However, you look more fierce than our fiercest of warriors. I shall get one warrior to guide you to the bat but you will pay us back before you go. This village is poor, you can probably see that. We are in need in money. Instead of us paying you, you pay us. Is it a deal?” said the old priest.

“If I must pay you, then no. I will find the bat on my own and I will vanquish it. And once I do, I shall come back and tell you not to worry again.” The priest replied in regret.

“Fine, I will send my men at no cost. A man as willing as you should not die to the smallest of creatures in the forest. But remember, if my men die in your midst and you return, we will kill you. So be ready to defend the men with your life!”

“I think not! If you wish to send a guide with me, then so be it. But, he will not be my responsibility in anyway. However, for the sake of justice, if he needs me, I’ll be there. But I shall not give my life for a single man.” Said the man.

“Good enough. For now, there is a hut over yonder; you may use it for now. But go there now and get prepared and ready. Tomorrow morning you shall venture away with the men.”

“Never will I fight a creature that is not at the best of its abilities! I will wait until nightfall or will not go at all!”

“Ugh, you are a man of foolishness and pride though you are young and pure. If you wish to go tonight, then so be it. However, I cannot provide many men. Only one will venture.”

“Thank you priest. I promise you the bat shall die and your men will live.”

The man got his items ready and started to fall asleep however all of a sudden, he heard a noise. The hut doors opened and a man walked in. As they were entering they said, “I am the man who will be guiding you to the bat’s cave tomorrow. You are a very brave young man. We were said only to guide you. We told the priest that if we die, it will be for a good cause. Do not blame the man. Now I tell you, the most foolish in our village, back down or die. We will fight beside you, though we will probably die.”
The man laughed and retorted to them, “I am not worried one bit. If I die I die with pride and no one will take that from me. Remember one thing, nothing will kill my pride! I am a noble and valiant warrior of the gods. I have never before seen powers up my sleeves and if so be it, I shall release them. Now then, go to bed, we have a big day tomorrow. We need our rest.”

The man left the hut without saying a word. He was speechless. What were these ‘powers’ that the village savior had spoken of? What did he mean by a ‘valiant warrior of the gods?’ The man asked himself these questions. He stopped in the middle of the way home, and thought. “He must be one braze and crazy boy. How can the men of this village perish in the hands of a bat and even shudder to believe that a mere man can save us? He is not even very tough looking. I will put him to the test.”

The man had gone to the chief and priestess’s huts. He knocked on their door.

“Come in,” said the priest.

“I come to ask a favor. I do not believe that the man is strong enough. I would like to put him to the test of strength and guts. Please sir,” he said as he kneeled down to bow.

“Hmm, I see. You want me to grant you a battle of strength with the man?”

“No, my lord. I wish you to grant him a battle with our strongest in a battle of strengths, and I wish for you to grant him a battle of whites with only our smartest.”

“I see. Chief, my lord, you are needed.”

“Yes? How can I help you?” said the chief. He was a very tall, tan man. He wore only the finest of clothing and yet, he had a look of a strong, yet compassionate man. He seemed like Jack.

“It seems that one of our warriors would like to put Jack up for a challenge. What do you say, my lord?” said the priest to the chief, while looking down at the kneeling man.

The chief grumbled. He was getting to old for these kinds of things and he was getting sick of them, none the less. “Handle it yourself brother. If you wish, you may. But, do not let it get out of hand or it will be your head.”

“Yes, I understand.” Said the priest. “It seems you have what you wanted. Construct it however you would like.”
“Thank you sir, you will not regret this.” The priest walked away as he told him to go now. He was tired.

The next day in the middle of the village, everyone glared at him with evil eyes and thought he was the most idiotic male every to walk this planet. Though, there were secrets about this man that no one ever known and he would not say. He knew if he did, no one would care for him or even speak his name. Either that or they would love him forever.

He had not known why everyone stared. As he was putting the final touch of armor on, his guide came up. “You wish to fight the beast? You must prove yourself first!”

“What are you talking about? Why should I prove myself to you?”

“If you don’t, you will be forced out of the village!”

He was astounded by what he had just heard. However, he wanted peace so he could kill the bat. “What do you want me to do to prove myself?”

“You will fight our Slabalio. He has lived for many decades; he is our strongest warrior. He will fight you until you die or until he cannot fight anymore. Begin!”

A huge man came smashing to the ground. He was 10 feet in height and had arms bigger than any man in the village. “I will smash you! I am Valont! Slabalio if the village! Fight me and continue on your quest!”

“If it is really a fight you want, then it is a fight you’ll get!”

Jack did not hesitate to knock Valont out. With a mere dash to his back and an upward slash of his sword up the spine, Valont was on the ground, unable to move.

“Can we kill the bat now? I am going to let Valont live, unlike the bat.”

“Not yet! We must test your strategic abilities! Play our lord in a maze to the end. You will both be put into a maze with obstacles. You must find your way to the end. You will have the same exit but not the same entrance.”

Two men pushed Jack into the maze. All Jack could see was walls of walls and more walls. He started off. He came to shifting floors. Three 2 foot floors were sliding in and out every few or so seconds, revealing deadly, oozing, slimy lava. He jumped the bricks. He was then at a fork. Should he go left through the crossing darts or right through the deadly zombies? He chose to pass through the zombies. He clicked a button on his belt. It revealed another apartment. In this pocket, he took out a beaker of liquid. This liquid was green, like tree leaves in the summer. He drank it, causing himself to be invisible for 60 seconds. He ran as fast as he could, passing through 10 feet, now 20 feet, 30 feet, and the last 4 feet of zombies. He was still invisible, so he walked away slowly. He had seen the end of the maze. He was astounded. In a mere hour he had seen the end. But, as he walked, what he did not come to realize, was he had been walking in the same spot. The hall had been getting longer, and longer, and longer, and then he stopped completely. The only way to stop this was to press one of two buttons he had seen. He walked to make the floors continue to circulate. He saw them. There was one to his left and one to his right. He dashed to the left and pressed it. The floor stopped and the buttons vanished. He started to walk. He was, out of no where, thrown into the air! He looked around and saw a shaman looking being with four arms, six legs, and a staff. Jack had seen this in a dream once so he knew exactly what to do. He grabbed a rope from his bag on his back, and swung in on the shaman. The magic wore off as he ran, dragging the shaman by the rope. He had reached the exit. The chief had not yet found his way out. He waited until he had arrived to ask his questions.

“I see you have made it, young one. I am pleased. Talk to the guide and see what he wishes of you.”

“Thank you, sir…Guide! Is that all you have for me? Because if it is, I would like to fight now!”

“Very well, we can set our tracks whenever you are ready. I will bring an extra man in case I get lost on the way.”

Jack gave no answer. He went to go get some rest and some food.

That night, at about 5:30 PM, the men were strapped and ready for killing. The men guiding him had armor however Jack had armor that was of the finest metal in all of the country side. To his extent, he was ready and he was going to slay the monster with all of his power. They were going through the forest when all of a sudden a giant ant blew out from the ground and roared louder than a dinosaur. Jack just stood there while the other two gazed at its super sized claws and poisonous teeth. Jack thought to himself, “If this giant ant scares them, I can’t wait to see the bat.” Jack took out his bug shooter and shot the bug in the head hitting through to the ants brain. The ant keeled over and died. The men were surprised that Jack just stood there calmly and killed it. They walked around the ant and continued through the forest. Luckily for them, there were no more distractions. When they reached the cave, Jack stared at it like it was Satan.

The men told Jack, “Before we go, I must tell you something about the bat. It can move as fast as lightning and can poison you with any of its sharp areas such as his teeth or nails. So be very careful.” Then the other man said, “Jack, the bat also has powers beyond belief, it can summon any number of bats from its mouth without any problems. But, it does have a weakness. If you pierce the beasts stomach, it will lose its power to summon more bats. And also, how do you plan to kill such a being?”

“Ha, ha, ha. You must not worry about me though you should be worrying about yourselves. I have my ways of killing beings beyond this world so do not fret. Now follow me, we have something to kill. They went into the cave where the bat was and found nothing there. They searched until they reached the end. Jack was furious. “I see no bat here!” he yelled.

One man replied, “The bat must not be here at the moment. Why don’t you call for it Jack. I believe that should work.”

“Fine then” said Jack, “Come out bat! I know you are there! You cannot hide from me!” Then he hushed up and they heard a loud and devastating screech. “Ready your weapons!” The bat is coming.

“Why...? Why do you call me bat…? The outside world is cruel and evil, they come to kill me and take my land! No more! All who come will fall beneath my strength!” They could not see the bat. It was pitch black. Jack took out his light sticks and threw them everywhere. The entire cave could be seen. Right that moment they saw the bat. It was the biggest creature to storm the earth. At 20 feet tall and wide, how could anyone kill it? Its teeth and claws and nails were even more sharp than a saber tooth tiger. Jack immediately started shaking along with the other two men. It was a first sighting for all of them. Jack said lightly, “How in the world will we defeat this creature so large?!” The other men did not reply. He told them to go outside.

“Why would we leave your side now this far deep into killing the beast?”

“Shut up and go!” They left. Jack stood up straight, stopped shaking and glared at the bat.

“I have seen many deaths and I have served justice to killers! I have paid my dues and done what I’ve needed to. This is my end. I will not go out without a fight.” All of a sudden, he started glowing. The men had walked little away and at the corner of their eyes saw… a blue glowing light. They turned back and peered through the corner of the wall. “No more! No more will people die in my midst. This is the end!”

“You were sent to kill me?” said the bat with a smirk. “Well, then send the great one to kill me. Though, they do not know who you are. You live in secrecy and yet you still live a life. Amazing! I will still however kill you. Get ready young Jack, you die today!” Jack started to glow faster and faster every second; his heart racing faster and faster. “Die!” He ran to the beast and at the same time pulled out a sword and ran up the wall to the bat. He slashed his stomach so it could not summon up any bats. Then he put down his sword and pulled out a giant mallet to maul the bat. The bat, bleeding deeply, ignored the pain and flew in circles around the man. He knew he would have to kill Jack before he had a fighting chance. The bat flew feet first, claws out, ready to poison Jack. Jack was too slow because of the mallet and he was stabbed in the chest and was poisoned. He had no pain. It was a secret he had been hiding since he became a wanderer of the country. He had been glowing even harder now.

When Jack was a boy, the gods visited him. They told him, “One day you will become an adventurer. You shall fight off demons and beasts to protect the lives of many. When you are 16, you will be immortal. You will know what to do when the time is right. You shall have a gift; this gift is one of the greatest anyone can get. You, Jack, will be immortal beyond all retrospect.” That is his secret. That is what he is afraid to admit.

“Bat, if you think I will die of poison, you are crazier than I thought.” said Jack.

The bat laughed hysterically and retorted, “Do you truly believe that was poison I stuck into your veins…? I know your secret boy, there is no hiding it. I did not forget. I knew that the poison would wear away leaving no trace. I gave you a virus. This virus was meant for you and only you. I am physic you see, I saw what you did, I could see in the future. I saw you were coming a long time ago. I got prepared. I created the virus to wear away your gift. So, in a matter of minutes, you will be as weak as the two men you were with.” The bat laughed again. Jack thought to himself, this is terrible.

“I had a vision this would happen in a dream once when I was 18. I too, was prepared for it.” He reached for his pocket and pulled out an antidote. He drank it and it healed the virus. He was pleased with his quick thinking. Then he picked back up his sword. He dropped his mallet and ran up to the bat ready to slash it. The bat stopped him using sonar ray. He fell to the ground. The bat started to slowly fly closer. Jack was still holding the sword in his hand. When the bat got close enough to Jack, he would take his sword and slice him in two. The bat was no farther away then the length of the sword. He took his sword and stabbed the bat. Then he ripped the sword from his stomach and slashed him in half! But for some odd reason, the bat only disappeared. It was sliced in two however it was gone. All of a sudden the nightsticks went out and Jack stopped glowing. He was alive! He could not believe it. He was astounded. He leapt to his feet and started to find his way out.

He saw the two men waiting on a log; they had left as soon as the battle got going rough. Jack told them, “I won!”

They laughed and said, “We know boy, we know” They left the forest happily. But, all of a sudden, Jack felt weird. He fell to the ground and fainted. The two men lifted him and ran him to the village. When they were there, they called for immediate attention. The whole village gazing at Jack, his body all crumpled. His skin was green, he was poisoned. He was dieing. When Jack got prepared, he was prepared with two potions. One was an antidote and the other was an anti-poison. Then when the bat knocked him into the rocky wall, the antidote broke. He had drinken the wrong potion. He had poisoned himself. That night, with nothing the village doctors could do, he died. Happily that the other two were fine and that the bat was gone for good, but they were depressed that their greatest hero had died due to mere poison. His burial was the next day. When they were about to put his body into the grave, the gods came.

“You have given your life for these people and we will repay you. It was not expected of you to help the country, it was only wanted. We will give you life. It will be as if you have never died at all! Now Jack, awake from your slumber and rise!” After that, everyone just stared back and forth at the god and Jack. All of a sudden, his eyes were open and he was alive. Before he could speak with the god, he left. Everyone was astonished about what had happened. They all asked him questions like, Why does the god give you life when you are brave and not to others? He always replied, “It’s a secret.”

He grew tired of wandering, and he had grown quite fond of the people of the village. He decided to stay with them, in case they were in need again.

Though the bat Jack had set off had died, the fight was not yet over. When Jack sliced the bat’s stomach open, he had used sonar on Jack. In the time it took Jack to recover his awareness, the bat had recovered his wound and had sprout a new young. This was a bat with equal strength as the original, however was young.

Soon enough, the chief had died. The village decided Jack should be the chief of the village, and so he was. After that day, the town lived happily ever after, until the next bat would appear.

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