December 12, 2007
By Lauren Nagy, Tucson, AZ

Standing by the window facing the driveway with the blinds pulled down and the last rays of sunshine for the day coming through each slot. She waited for Roger to arrive home. The home she had cleaned everyday of their marriage, the home that housed their three beautiful boys, the home where she would ask him if it was true. He had been late many nights always arriving home with a smile giving each young son a hug and a small meaningless peck on her cheek. Thinking about what she was to ask him created a crystal tear that rolled down her cheek and smashed to the wood floor. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched him pull into the now dimly lit driveway. The boys had eaten already and were playing in the yard. She wouldn’t have to ask in front of them. The door shut and he walked around the car reached into the trunk and pulled out his coat and brief case. Click, click, click went the cold hard shoes covering his feet. Boom, boom, boom thumped the broken heart of a woman to shameful to tell her friends what she thought. Boom, Click, the two met.
“Hello baby”. She wasn’t going to wait anymore she couldn’t.
“Look what I got you. It’s a gift for our anniversary.” He pulled out a black velvet box, which he shook hoping for a reaction from her. What he got was a timid smile. “Is something wrong honey?” She looked at the box and opened it up.
“No, it’s beautiful.”

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