Two Eerie Voices

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

They are the sounds I hear inside my head. I am the only one who can hear them. Two eerie voices with an eerie hum and a throbbing rhythm. Two of which I’m unsure if they exist but they remain inside my head. Two annoying tones placed there by a curse. During my day I can hear them, but the rest deny that they are here.

Their origin is clandestine. They send endless chills down my spine. They come and they go and tug deep at my soul in order to make themselves known. This is what they know.

I do not know their reason for being; they sink into my core like the sun creeping into my pores, both feeding off one another. Leave, leave, leave is how I put myself to sleep. They breathe.

When I am down and too eerie to keep breathing, when I am a defeated thing against these voices, then I realize that I’m beat. When there is nothing else to look at in this world of loss and cheats. Two who remain despite my pique. Two who achieve and do not forget to defeat. Two whose only reason is to defeat and defeat.

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