Qualities That Make America Great

April 19, 2011
By zach klemp BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
zach klemp BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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There are many qualities that make America great. Some of those qualities are the resilience Americans have in their everyday lives. The best example for this is people starting their own businesses. When people start their own businesses, it can take them awhile to get all the approved forms and required materials. Even then, there is no garneted that your businesses will succeed. Then if something is not approved it takes them even longer. Then they still do not give up they keep trying and trying in until they succeed. In other countries, if people want to start their own businesses and they do not succeed on the first time then, they just give up. That does not happen in America because of our resilient attitude.

An example of American that never gave up is Thomas Edison. As you know he invented the light bulb. But did you know that it took him two months to finally crate it. Thomas Edison tried many materials to make the light burn. He even had to lock himself in his workshop so he could stay focused on his work. Then one day, he finally found the material that would burn continuously. Do you know what that material was it was cardboard? Just imagine if Thomas Edison was not resilient and did quit, how different lives know would be. We would not have the light bulb to light up our house and we would probably still have to use lanterns and candles for light. That is why Thomas Edison is one of the most resilient people in American History.
The video “What Makes America Great” had many criticisms about America that covered many topics. One of the biggest criticisms of America is its military. Most people think we invade and conquer other countries. The movie showed for our military to conquer countries, we have to stay and make the country ours and take prisoners. Rome did this when they concerned other countries in Europe and made the country there’s and made the people in the counters there prisoners. The American military does not do this because after a war we give supplies and rebuild the country. In the Iraq war know we are building schools for the children and we are installing machines that make water safe to drink. That’s only some of the great things that the American Military did for countries after a war.
In this paper I wrote about the qualities that make America grate and its criticisms. The quality that I used was resilience. The example I used was starting a business because there is no guarantee that you will succeed in it and you have to be resilient to do this. I also gave an example of a criticism that America has and that is our military because people think that we just evade and conquer countries but we do not. The example that I used was building schools in Iraq. Those are the qualities and criticism that make America great.

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