A Hallway Full of Students...

December 12, 2007
Scene: A hallway full of students in groups of 3-5, talking. Mike and Ike are speaking in the middle of the hall. Mike is dressed sloppily casual; Ike is in jeans and varsity jacket.

Mike: And that’s how my uncle got arrested

Ike: That’s such a stupid story.

Mike: I thought it was cool..

Anne walks by from stage left, waving to Mike and Ike, the boy’s eyes do not leave her

Anne: Hi!

Mike and Ike (simultaneously): Hi Anne!

Anne exits stage right

Ike: Heh, whatcha lookin’ at Mikey?

Mike: Huh? Oh nothing. I wasn’t looking at anything.

Ike: Sure. So, you gonna ask Anne to homecoming?

Mike: Oh you bet! I came up with a brilliant plan!

Ike: Whatever it is, you’d never go through with it. You’re too shy to ask someone out.

Mike: Maybe before, but this time I’ve got it all planned out.

Bell Rings. Students scatter, Mike and Ike leave in opposite directions.

Mike: You’ll see!

Ike: Sure

Scene. A classroom. Teacher at desk, ignoring students. Students talking, jumping over chairs, throwing paper, Mike is in the corner talking to a student.

Mike: Oh yeah, it’s gonna be huge, I’ve got a limo coming, the school’s band is gonna play a song. It will be something to remember.

Student: That’s awesome dude! There’s no way she’ll say no!

Bell rings

Mike walks out of the class, sees Ike talking to Anne, Anne walks away as Mike approches

Mike: Hey Ike, was that Anne?

Ike: Yeah, she had to get to class though.

Mike: Oh, that’s ok, I wasn’t going to ask her to homecoming until later anyways.

Ike: I’ve known you for too long dude, you’re not gonna go through with it.

Mike: Maybe.. But I think that she would want to go with me.

Ike: Why’s that?

Mike: Oh, I don’t know. Do you think she would?

Bell Rings. Mike and Ike leave in separate directions.

Scene. Mike is talking to an adult.

Mike: Yeah, I’ll just need it for today.

Adult: Alright, and will you need a driver for your limo?

Mike: You bet, I’m gonna pop out of the sunroof to ask Anne to the dance.

Adult: I don’t care how you’re gonna use it. You got the money?

Mike: Sure, here ya go. Hands Adult a wad of cash

They part ways, Mike sees Anne in the hallway and approaches her.

Mike: Hey Anne

Anne: Oh, hey Mike. What’s up?

Mike: Nothing, I’m just working on my homecoming plans. You going?

Anne: I’m planning to, just waiting for someone to ask me.

Mike: Well, you should get asked by the end of the day

Anne: Oh wow..wait, how do you know?

Mike: I just have a feeling.

Ike approaches

Ike: Hey Anne, hey Mike.

Mike and Anne Simultaneously: Hi Ike

Ike: Excited for homecoming?

Anne: I sure am, don’t know who I’m going with though.

Ike: I’m pretty sure I have a good idea who it will be.

Mike: Yeah, Ike would know.

Ike: I suppose I would.

Anne: Oh! I’ve got to go to class!

Ike: Algebra? I’ll go with you.

Anne: Ok, bye Mike!

Mike: Bye!

Ike: Yeah, bye Mike.

Anne and Ike walk off, stage right.

Mike: Oh man, this is gonna be amazing, I don’t think that my plan can go wrong.

Exit stage left

After school. Parking lot. Anne and Ike are talking, Mike comes over.

Mike: Hi guys.

Anne: Hi

Mike: Still not sure about homecoming?

Anne: Actually, I’m pretty sure now.

Mike: That’s great. Waves behind him.

Two people walk over with a banner that reads, “Will you go to homecoming with me Anne?”. The school’s band follows, playing an upbeat tune. One band member throws Mike a bouquet.

Mike: Well Anne, will you go with me?

Anne: Oh Mike..

Mike: I know, it’s quite astounding isn’t it?

Anne: Mike, I can’t

Band cuts off

Mike: Great! I’ll call the limo driv… wait. What?

Anne: I can’t go with you Mike. I already have a date.

Mike: WHO!? I’ve been planning this for days!

Anne: Ike asked me last period. I’m sorry Mike.

Ike: I’m sorry dude, you never go through with these things, and I figured that I would take advantage of an opportunity.

Mike: what? Why would you do this to me?

Anne: Don’t worry Mike, you can go to homecoming in a group with Ike and I.

Mike: That’s not going to happen. I can’t believe I thought this would go well for me.

Anne: Wait Mike!

Mike: No, I’m done. I’m going home.

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