Dream II

April 19, 2011
By Ian Merton BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Ian Merton BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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April 11

This is probably my favorite dream because it felt very real and was the most amazing sensation I have felt. I woke up from feeling well rested. I sat up in bed and stretched my legs, arms, and wings…wait wings?
I looked back in shock and discovered that overnight I had grown wings out of my back. They were velvety black crow-like wings with large elegant feathers that were slightly jagged. Still in bewilderment as to where the wings came from, I got out of bed and went to the window. It was a beautiful morning, slight breeze, the sun shining, and the dew still on the trees and grass.
My wings started to tingle as I opened the window in excitement. Did I even know how to fly? No. I crawled out of the window onto the porch roof. I stretched my wings to their full extent, did a little hop, skip then jumped off the roof. I glided about thirty feet and then hit the damp and bumpy ground with a thud. Disappointed, I started to run while flapping my wings. I started to gain elevation, so I gave one final leap into the air. I was going higher but not foreword, as if I was key ingredient, a destination. I looked around and saw my quonset hut. Just like walking, I started to go to my destination without really thinking about it. I got to the roof of the quonset hut and scanned the area for a new destination. Not seeing one of interest I jumped off the roof and plummeted towards the earth. At the last second I swooped up into a back flip. As I soared through the air taking sharp turns, doing barrel rolls, and diving, it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.
Then something terrible happened. My wings disappeared. I rocketed from the sky towards the earth at an alarming rate. My vision was tunneling and I thought I was going to die. At the last minute, when I should have hit the ground, I woke up hitting my bed and lurching forward. Sometimes dreams just feel too real.

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