The Wind in My Arms

December 12, 2007
By Ben Storey, Bryn Mawr, PA

Let us make a pact:
We’ll never leave this place,
This point in time,
We will keep this moment,
Every moment close to us,
That we won’t forget the grace of life.

Take the spring leaves
Let them dance in the wind,
Spin in circles and whirl about
The scent of pines filling the forest.

Grab a bushel of daises,
Start them as seedlings
Let them grow like children
Nurture and care for them
Till they are fully grown.

Strike up the band for a parade of thunder
Booming from the clouds,
Black and opaque.
Rap the earth with your might,
Till everything is saturated
Umbrellas destroyed and trees refreshed.
Let the rain fall for only an overnight,
Then commence, making way for the sunrise.

Let me lie here,
Let me remain unchanging and new,
Shed some light and let the grass grow
The trees stand firm in place
Keep your beauty for always
Clock ticks until the sun goes down,
And starting up again when I wake
A new day.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."
Benjamin Craig Storey

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