The Island That Never Rained

December 12, 2007
By Sam Waddell, Williamstown, NJ

There once was a island off the coast of California where it never rained. All the water that was used at this island was imported or purified. The person in charge of the imports and purification was a 13-year-old boy named Kalil. Kalil was one of the smartest people on the island. Kalil was the islands most important person for many reasons including the water. Kalil was the mayor of the city. This may have seamed that Kalil had the good life but really he live in the constant fear of rain on the island. Every building on the island was made of clay, a clay that would dissolve if it rained. He lived in fear until it happened.

It of coarse was the rain and this wasn’t just any rain it was the rain of the century. It poured for days and the island was in shock because they didn’t know what rain was they were all scared of it. All of them except for Kalil, he was thinking, thinking of what was about to happen. Kalil was about to take the island into a large storage room with all the supplies that they would need until the rain stopped.

The storage room was a large underground room with food and water that should’ve last for days. The problems started when the room wasn’t big enough for the island. That problem was solved when the closets with the food were filled with people also. The second problem was that the room absolutely smelled terrible. There was no way to solve the dreadful stench of wet sewer because a sewer line had broken above the room.
The first night was a bad experience for Kalil he was used to sleeping in a big comfortable bed, but instead he had to sleep on the cold hard floor with everyone else. Kalil noticed that the rest of the town was having trouble sleeping. The worry of the city was to large to bear he had to do some thing.

At that time there was a miracle that happened the sound of the rain stopped. “What has happened?” was going threw Kalil’s mind. The town had noticed the stopping of the sound also. The entire city was awake and went out side with thoughts of the city in ruins. The city stopped at an amazing sight just outside the door. It was the most beautiful sunset in the world. At that point Kalil knew that the city would be all right.

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