The Ultimate Contest

December 12, 2007
By Nick Enos, Williamstown, NJ

Mike Gentile was out on the water all day just waiting for the perfect wave. It was Mike’s first time surfing on his new board. He was a world renowned surfer and had won Easterns three contest in which the winner would receive a lifetime endorsement with Reef Surf CO. The only real
competition Mike had was an up and coming rookie out of Outer Banks, North Carolina. Bill Quownsen had all ready won two contests this year and many amateur contests in past years.
Although Mike was an established surfer, Bill was still very confident and was talking a lot of trash through the press. Mike had been rather quiet about this particular situation. Normally Mike was very forward and did and awful lot of bragging. However the week right before the contest Mike started responding to some of Bill’s comments and I think Bill was shocked at the responses. Mike was talking about how he had no chance of winning and how Mike was going to burry Bill.
When the contest finally started, Mike won the first round, with his trademark 360° air. This was certainly not the first time he used this trick. Over the years Mike had practically perfected the 360° air. Bill quickly responded, winning the second round in dominating fashion. It all came down to the third and final round. The pressure was more on Bill to win because Mike already had many different endorsements with other large companies.
It turned out Mike would end up taking the third round and Mike also made Bill look like a fool after everything that Bill had said. Bill apologized for what he had said, however, he did say that he would take the title next year, no matter what.

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