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We all go through life dancing a fantastic masquerade. Hiding behind masks. Sometimes the masks are flimsy. You see right through them, to the person underneath. Those masks chip away until they're colorless shapes, and the real faces are revealed. Others aren't so easy. Their masks are elaborate, heavily decorated, and fancy. These people look like royalty, all glitter and bright colors. Their masks are made of a different material, one more difficult to pull away. These people cling to their masks because it's the only thing they really have. They can put their hand to their mask and know that they look beautiful. Be careful with these people. You must search for the little flaws. Peel back the many layers, slowly chip away at the surface. Until you finally see their true faces. But be warned. You won't like what you see. The people who cling to their elaborate mask as their last hope will be very ugly underneath, for the only thing that makes them beautiful is the illusion of all the glitter and bright colors. 

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