December 12, 2007
Our Turtle lives are as hard as our shells. We wake up, feed our kids, and go on our daily search for food. Today is a special day, one not like the others. My son Tommy is now turning three Turtle years old and needs to learn how to fend for himself when I’m not around someday. So today I took him along or my daily adventure for food to support my family. Ever since Tony went away to work his boss Trevor he hasn’t been home much. I know he has to work for our family, but its hard being a proud mom of 172 baby turtles. Tommy my oldest, will soon be able to be a great big brother and also a helpful son. Unfortunately, this daily trip turns out to be an unusual adventure.

As I passed Leaf Lane I showed Tommy “Lily pad Lake” where all the frogs lived. They wave and then continue on with their fly catching lives. Finally we reached the feeding spot, green leaves and watery plants everywhere, its sort of my own little food supply. Unfortunately, it was no longer my secret spot, our terrible neighbors, The Slowskis were already there eating all of my plants. This was horrible! I need every bit of them plants to support my babies. I told the Slowskis they didn’t need all that food because they are old and all of their kids had moved away. They didn’t listen (typical old turtles) I was forced to go out and look for a new spot. I truly dislike looking for a new feeding spot because it’s scary out there, and its never fun.
I had a scary feeling as I passed “Alligator Alley”, because sometimes, they try to scare you to get you off their property. This time, they wanted more then a scare. “ That little one you have looks mighty tasty!” shouted an Alligator with a smile. “ Stay away from him” I yelled. Luckily, I got away and made it into “Turtle Town” once again. I thank my turtle god for letting my son and I survive “Alligator Alley”. Tomorrow is a new day for new daily food adventures.

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