Robby’s Great Adventure

December 12, 2007
By Kelsey Krause, Williamstown, NJ

One hot summer day, Robby was sleeping on his rock covered with a leaf. He woke up to a bang somewhere around him. Robby jumped up and inspected his cage. All four walls still in place, everything where he left it. Yet, something was different. As he looked up, he noticed the lid to his cage was gone. Robby didn’t know where it went, but he didn’t care. He decided to go on an adventure.

Robby has suspended sticks around the perimeter of his cage so he can climb around. He climbed up one of the sticks and hopped out of the aquarium. It was a long fall, but luckily, he landed on a soft, fluffy pillow. Robby struggled to get off of the pillow, but finally he was successful. He made his way out of the bedroom his cage is located in.

Then, Robby headed down the stairs, which isn’t as hard as it looks. He just hopped down one by one. It’s only five minutes later when he gets to the dog door out back. He wanted to get more adventure so he jumped briskly out of the dog door. Finally, he reached the great out doors. Well, the backyard anyway…

Robby was finally outside. He had heard rumors about it from his owner, but never believed it really existed! He took a big breath of fresh air and was off again. He quickly scurried over a pile of gravel, which stung his feet like he was walking over a bed of hot coals. Then, he spotted it. It was someone-someone just like him! He sprinted over to the tree where the lizard was.

When Robby got there, the two lizards just stared at each other. All of a sudden, a sweet whistle of wind roared by them. Still, they said nothing. Robby was just glad to have a friend near him. And, he was glad to be where he never was before.

Suddenly, a dark shadow loomed over them.

“Robby? Is that you? I was looking all over for you! Where have you been?!” Krista, Robby’s owner, said in an ecstatic voice. “Hey, looks like you have a friend! Well, he can stay! Let’s go!” As they walked back up to Robby’s cage, he reflected on everything he did today. He was an escape artist, an adventurer, a friend, and was rescued. “Hey, Robby… Since you have a friend now, you might need a bigger cage!” Krista said with a gigantic smile on her face.

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