The Devil

December 12, 2007
Hi, my name is Robert Edgerin Jones, and I am in high school at Herbert Hoover High. I am valedictorian or my senior class; I play varsity soccer, basketball, and baseball. I must say that my life has been going pretty smoothly so far. I have all the girls wrapped around my fingers, and I work in a big sports plaza for a massive wage. All of my life I was lucky until the day I was put back into reality.

It was the middle of December and my varsity basketball team had just won the game that would put us in state championship because I made the game winning shot at the buzzer. My entire school stayed in a hotel over night and celebrated the victory. That night I noticed a weird kid following me around the hotel. I said to him, “Stop following me, you psycho”.
He said back to me, “You better stop being the center of attention in everything, or else you’re going to hell.”
I replied back, “Why would I listen to the kid who smells and has no friends?”
All of a sudden he started to chase me down the hall, and he tackled me and brought me into a strange looking elevator. I thought I was dreaming, but we were going so fast down an elevator. I felt like we were going to hell. When the elevator stopped we were surrounded by flames and weird looking people who weren’t cool enough for heaven, also I thought I saw George Washington, but he should probably be in heaven, and it felt like we were in hell. I didn’t want to believe it but I was defiantly in hell.
“Where did you take me?” I asked. When I looked at him I saw he was wearing all red, and he had on fake horns.
“You are in my home that I like to spell H-E-double hockey sticks. I am the ruler down here and most people call me Doug on the surface, but they call me the Devil down here.”
I asked him, “What did I do that made you stalk me in a hotel at night?”
“Well at first I was looking for O.J Simpson to bring to me, but then I saw you and figured I should give you a warning about your sins before you end up down here.”
“What did I do that would send me to hell”, I replied.
Doug replied back to me, “Well, pretty much your entire life you have been full of pride, which isn’t terrible on occasion, but you take it too far, to much.”

So I knew what I have done, but I didn’t know how to change myself just so I wouldn’t go to hell. After a few minutes of thinking I found myself back on earth and lying in my bed in the hotel. I couldn’t sleep that night because all I was thinking about was my crazy night and how I have to change to go to heaven.

The next day we played for the state championship, and I was not ready to play. I didn’t do my regular pre-game dunk or my regular pre-game rituals that get the crowd pumped up. The game started, and I still was out of whack. I was making all of my usual shots, but I wasn’t getting too into the game. Throughout the game I was passing the ball nicely, and making so amazing shots, but I was not trying to brag. By the end of the game, we were winning by thirty points, and I looked up to the crowd, and heard them chanting my name. I was trying so hard to not to boast, but the old Rob came out: I started to chant with them. Then I saw Doug in stands, and he just shook his head at me.

I realized that day that I shouldn’t worry about the future, and I should just live my perfect life one day at a time.

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