The Sad Musician

April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

A few people gather in a small outdoor courtyard. The soothing early summer aroma of flowers that had blossomed in the midst of spring blows through the air. A man in uniform stands tall as a sign of pride, but stands alone apart from the scattered people around him. His only companion is held at his heart as he plays his lonely song as if it were a connection of him. Through his squinted eyes, the musician looks to the angelic clouds in the dusk sky. He holds in a feeling of pure sorrow, but two tears escape him. The gleaming, clear, flowing streaks fall down his strong face. The obtuse frown that stretches across his face looks as if he is trying to power down a charging sob in the core of his being. His lips are pressed together as he feels the salt water run off his face and fall to his shirt.
The slow music he plays on his accordion is carried to the ears of the people around. Upon hearing the song of the musician, a woman in a colorful polyester dress falls into a chair as if her feet couldn’t hold her. She lowers her head into her hand trying to control her own blend of emotions pounding at her head. The music which provides others with ease causes her remembrance and pain. The song is carried slowly to two ladies standing behind her. Their wide-eyes gazes follow the same path toward the lowly musician. With arms crossed they listen and stare. The song tenses their bodies both stuck as if mimicking the other.
The music blends as it reaches a man’s ear. Sitting in the farthest seat he turns his head away from the musician. He stares toward the newly bloomed tree reaching for any hope of life he can find. The branches of the trees seem to reach in toward the musician as if pulled by the music. The last beams of sun that pass the clouds on the horizon hit the leaves and send a clash of green into the depressing mood of the courtyard.

The author's comments:
Our teacher had given us a snapshot. He said it was from a movie, but it's been months and I can't exactly remember what it was from. The picture was black and white, and maybe you can picture the rest from the article.

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