Switched to Small

December 9, 2007
Andrew Cuppings lived on a farm near a little town called Dennell. He was a very handsome boy, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smooth, tan face. And yet, all of the girls in Dennell despised Andy. You see, Andy was at an age where he picked on anyone younger than his own fourteen years. He would make fun of preschoolers and tease fourth graders. The girls in town liked being with boys that are sensitive and caring. So, Andy picked on kids even more because he had no friends to hang out with. He figured that children were too small to do anything helpful, so he might as well tell them so. This was going to rapidly change very soon.

One night, Andy’s little sister, Myra, invited Crisana, the town’s street magician, to have supper with them that evening. Myra had always liked Crisana, with her long black curls and her lovely green eyes. Crisana, had been watching Andrew for some time now, and she thought that this would be a good time to open his eyes a little. That evening, she prepared a spell that was certainly not just for entertainment, and set out for the farm. At dinner, Andy was chatting away about how Myra was having trouble reaching the spices to cook dinner. Crisana decided that it was the perfect time to set her plan into action. She pulled out a rabbit that she had found on the way to the Cuppings’ house and started quietly chanting her spell, her eyes gleaming. “Eena hoowa tiepa una. Eena hoowa tiepa una.” When Crisana arrived at home, she got out her looking glass so that she could watch her magic at work.

Andy had felt a little queasy ever since dinner when he was talking about Myra being too short to help with anything. He just ignored it though, not wanting to complain to his mother and sound like a weakling. So he just went to bed and fell into a fitful sleep. When he awoke the next morning, Andy felt very strange, like he had been pushed and pulled while asleep. “Well, I guess I’d better go milk the cows before Father wakes up”, he thought. He hopped out of bed and started to lick his legs and tail. That’s when he realized that something was amiss. “Why did I “hop” out of bed, and why do I have a tail?!” He looked at his body and saw long feet and a white, furry stomach. Then he looked up and saw the tips of tall brown ears. Andrew had been turned into a rabbit; what he didn’t know though, is that the rabbit had turned into him and was being kept by Crisana.

“This must be Crisana’s doing”, Andy decided, “I must find her and force her to change me back to normal.” So he hopped up to his door and then noticed that the door was closed and the doorknob was two feet above his head. Andy hopped over to his bureau and jumped into one of his open drawers where he then promptly jumped out of the part of the window that was cracked open to let in some air. He landed on his small rabbity face, in the dirt. He jumped away hurriedly, not wanting to make his father angry by not milking the cows. He made it to the top of the small hill near the barn when he heard “pssst” from close by.
“Who was that?” he exclaimed.
“It’s me you dimwit!” came the same quiet voice, “Reggie! Who else would it be?”
“Huh?” was Andy’s response. Then, suddenly, Andy was once more face down on the ground; this Reggie person had tackled him.
“What were you thinking?!” he heard from on top of him. “You could have been killed!”
“By what?” was Andy’s muffled reply.
“By the fox, you twit.” Reggie rolled off of Andy, and then motioned for Andy to follow him. Andy decided to listen; he was starting to produce a headache from all of his recent falls. He was led to a rabbit hole on the other side of the hill. Once inside the round dirt walls, Reggie turned around with a dubious look on his face. “And you’re supposed to be the cautious one. What were you thinking Gerald? If ol’ bottle tail had been around, he would have been on you quicker than bugs on a hunk o’ rotten cheese.”
“Wait, so, who are you?” was Andy’s bewildered reply once he got over the fact that a rabbit just called him Gerald and said something about a bottle and cheese.
“Your mum’s right ya know, you need to get out more. I’m your best mate, Reginald.” Reggie sounded pitying yet amused when he said this. “Did’ja hit your head?”
“Well actually, you kind of hit it for me.” Now Andy was just angry and confused. He had just got around the fact that he was talking to a rabbit and realized that he was talking to a rabbit that tackled him. “What did you knock me over for?”

“Well I had to, didn’t I? Otherwise you would have been killed by Fang wouldn’t you? Remember what my Gramps said? He said that that one tooth that Fang’s got left hurt’s more’n if the devil himself had poked him with his horns. Poor ol’ Grampa Arnold, his leg never was the same. You should be happy that I pushed you like that. You was showing your white stomach off like a signal for Fang to eat you. You, know, I think you need some rest, and holy cricket!!! Look at the sun, it’s already food time! Let’s get some food in that belly o’ yours. Well look there, there’s some extra cabbage that I forgot I saved. Dig in before you lose your mind.”

So Andy, who noticed at the mention of food just how hungry he was, ate a whole head of his least favorite food, and it was starting to rot, too. Then he remembered, “Crisana!” he yelled, his mouth full of cabbage. “I completely forgot!”

“Who in th’ devil’s name is Crisana? That don’t sound like a rabbit name.” Andy had quite forgotten Reggie’s presence.
“Um, she’s a… well, she’s a…a badger” Andy finished lamely. “I met her by the, um, creek.”
“You? With a badger?” Reggie started to laugh, which, since he was a rabbit, sounded a lot like a squealing pig. “You’ve got to be kidding me, who is she really.”
The first thing that he could come up with was “none of your business.”
“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to find out on my own.” Then he burst out with “Oh you gotta’ tell me, I am your best mate after all.”
“I’m tired of you acting like a jerk, I’m leaving.” And so Andy promptly hopped out of the hole… and came face to face with a wild-eyed grinning, one-toothed fox. Fang. Andy darted away and was caught by his fluffy little tail.
“Couldn’t bear to stay away from me, aye?” Fang sounded like a rock scraping against another one when he talked. “I could see you waiting for me. How generous of you to wait to join me for lunch. I saw you get tackled by that nasty rabbit friend of yours and decided to save you from him and give you a nice warm place to sleep in with my breakfast. You must have been- YEOWCH!!!!!” Fang ceased to speak due to the fact that he had just been bitten on his tail. He whirled around quickly to find that Reggie, his attacker, was latched onto his tail behind him. For a while, he twirled around in circles chasing his tail until finally Reggie was whipped off the rusty red tail. He had let Andy go in that time; well really, Andy was flung off of Fang’s paw.
Meanwhile, Crisana decided that this would be a good time to turn Andy back into a human again. Besides, the real Gerald was starting to get on her nerves; he had been pillaging her kitchen all day looking for vegetables, plus she hadn’t thought of having to teach a human rabbit how to do his “business” in a chamber pot. He had peed in his breeches five times already. “Anu apeit awwoh anee. Anu apeit awwoh anee.” Crisana chanted the same words as the evening before, but backwards, to reverse the spell. She looked back into her glass and saw Andy change back into the body that he is used to.
Andy suddenly felt like he was being pushed and pulled just like he had that morning. Then, everything got ten times smaller and he felt cloth on his skin, which he found was bare of hair (except on his head.) Then he realized that he was still in the presence of a fox and a rabbit. He took a stone out of his pocket, that he had found by the creek the day before, and threw it a Fang. Then he picked up some more stones and threw them at the fox also. Finally Fang ran away to the next town thirty miles away. (It was later found that he died there a year later.)
When Andy went home that night, (as it had been dusk when Fang ran away) he asked permission to go see Crisana at her small house. His father didn’t let him go though because he had “slacked off on his responsibilities.” So the next day, Andy went to see Crisana at the street that she performed on. He went up to her and kissed her on the cheek saying “thank you for helping see more clearly!” and then he ran away to the rabbit hole to give Reggie (and a very frightened Gerald) two very big carrots.
Ever since that day, Andy has always helped and respected small children because he knew that even the smallest child (or rabbit) could be a big help when needed.

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