my fantasy

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Lights flashing and hundreds of thousands of people screaming my name “Diamond”, and then before I walked of the stage I turned and told the crowd that I love them. It feels good to have a large group of fans that support, love and respect my music. After I finish this show I’m heading right back to the studio to start working on the next song, travel around the world and get paid to get paid for doing everything I love.

I love music, and I can’t wait for those days to come, for now all I can do is work harder than anyone around me, sleep less and work more. For now I feel like I’ve been pushing myself a lot, but I feel like I can still do more. That fantasy will hopefully be the beginning for what’s more to come, and for now I still feel like I’m in the beginning and I still have a lot to learn and experience. Inspiration is all around me so I use that to my advantage, whether it’s the negative things that happen or I’ve seen around me or the positive things like the people I have around me or just the good things going on in life, there’s so much to talk about. Another reason why I love music and art in general is because it’s an expression of self and if you’re not being yourself then you’re not portraying an honest story.

Since I like music and I want to make honest music that I will love and the people that is listening will love too. A lot of people that make music make it because they figure they can make money off of it, a lot of people don’t know that you have to have your own sound, and your own style, but that’s just some of the basics. Artist also need to have a story to tell, a story like no one else’s and no one else can tell it like them, so I do this so I can tell people my story

The author's comments:
this is basically about my goals and my dreams

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