How To Take Care of a Dragon Hatchling

December 8, 2007
By Katy Emerson, Glen Ellyn, IL

Dragons are useful as well as fashionable pets. Over the ages they have had the reputation for smashing villages, eating domesticated animals, and hoarding gold. These are all myths. Dragons are, in reality, a polite, dashing, educated breed and only the Flammable can actually breathe fire. Living approximately to the age of 473 years of age, they are a perfect wedding present. The size of a dragon depends on the breed. Some dragons, for example the Windlehorn, can grow to the size of a Great Dane, while others; such as the Melodonias can grow to the amazing size of two hundred feet wide. The bigger and more colorful the dragon is, the more expensive it is. A dragon can price from $600.00 to around 2.2 million American dollars. Most dragons come with a two hundred year warranty. To own a dragon over 16 ½ feet long, you must own at least one hundred acres of land.

Dragons are mostly purchased online at Your egg will arrive ten days after you ordered in a box the size of a refrigerator labeled “DRAGON”. When you open the box you will find the egg is no larger than a bowling ball and two times lighter (all dragon eggs are the same size no matter the breed), a number of little packages, and a manual on your dragon. After you take the egg out of the packaging foam place it in your oven at 100 ° C. and you are to leave it in there for two days, turning the egg periodically. When the dragon starts to hatch take it out of the oven and place it in the sink. The hatching is a two-hour process, and we suggest you start reading the manual packaged with your dragon egg. Once the dragon is out of its egg, it will looks for its parent. To show your dominance gently pinch the tips of its wings. IT will make a humming sound and wrap its tail around your arm.

Once the hatchling has submitted, feed it two chicken wings. Every two weeks double the amount. In three months it will be ready for two whole chickens. Once it has finished eating, put the baby dragon in a 9’11”x 10’1” purple crate sent to you a day after the dragon egg arrived (all dragons prefer purple over any other color). It will fall asleep the moment he lies down. He will sleep for twelve hours exactly. When the dragon wakes up you are to feed him a cup of pomegranate juice and two chicken wings. Then open the package marked “Leash and Collar”. Put on the collar and attach the leash. Take him to a far away from the house and have him go to the bathroom. Once he has finished bring him back into the house and give him a bath in steaming hot water, using the special Scale and Tail Dragon Wash and the heat resistant gloves provided in the bag labeled Gloves. The dragon’s body heat will be enough to dry him so there is no need to get out a towel.

Now you should be able to take care of your Dragon hatchling. Taking care of a Dragon is a large and difficult responsibility if you have questions please call us at 1-800-DRAGONQ. For further information on how to take care of your dragon after it has turned six weeks of age look for our book The Know-How on Dragons Six Weeks and up.

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