Complete Darkness...

December 8, 2007
Complete darkness, then out of nowhere two figures suddenly appear. They seem to be cloaked by darkness and one appear to be holding something that was thickly wrapped in a strange cloth.
"Do you have the child?" One whispered as he step forward and took off his hood.

"No Vrael, I left along with every thing else I hold dear to me back home. Of course I have her!" The other figure, a woman, was near tears and struggled to hod them back. " Vrael, I don't get it! She wont fit in no matter where we put her! God, she'll stand out like a rose in a weed garden." The woman was trying not to yell and was still trying to hold back her tears. The babe began to cry for it was cold and tried from what seemed like weeks of travel. It was late, and not wanting to wake any sleeping travelers, she whispered the babe back to sleep.
Once the infant was quited, she looked at the man standing next to her. He was tall with a slim, graceful, yet in a way, sturdy build. He looked to be about 20 yet she know he was in his early 400's. He's hair came down in a cascade of silky black curls. As she looked at him her eyes just had to soften. She loved him, and she could never stay mad at him for long.

"We'll find a place, I swear by our first king Oedipus, we'll find a place for our babe." After saying this he looked into her eyes. Not only could he say her doubt and her pain but could feel it within himself. "We must hurry. The soldiers will be upon us soon."
They ran for what seemed miles until the come to a small town. The woman was tired and her feet hurt, so they decided to take a rest as she rubbed her feet. The town they were in was a small shabby town. It probably wasn't even on the map (not that the had one at the moment.) Most of the houses in the town were falling apart or were alread on the ground.

Vrael stopped in front of one of the houses. It was falling apart, and many of its windows were broken, but unlike the others it had some life in a small garden out front and the steady glow of light from within the house.

"This as good as place as any." He said in a hushed whisper, " Knock on the door and leave her here. If we can, we will come back for her." Vrael looked at he's wife, again she was on the verge of tears as her eyes grew red and puffy until finally she let the tears fall. Vrael cradled her in his arms as if she were a baby.
"Vrael. I just can't do it. Leave my baby! We don't even no these humans! I mean look at this place; they can't even take care of them selves much less some strange child!"
"Oh, come on Shinaa! Either we leave her here where she may live a happily, or, we take her with us, and she might die. Make your choice for it is your alone." From the look on his face and in his eyes this was hard to say but he had to be strong; for the both of them.
"Fine. Just let me say good-bye." She whispered while peering toward the ground to hide her streaming tears. Seeing the sadness in her face he agreed, tolled her he loved her then walked on.

When he was well out of sight she look down at the sleeping child in her arms. Hazel eyes, she thought, so much like mine. The babe was only 8 months old and could barely understand the hardship of the world she lived in. The more Shinaa looked at her baby the more she cried until she finally had to look away.
" Amin nela lle, ar'amin hiraetha. I love you and I'm sorry." The words came sloppy as she put the infant on the ground, knocked on the door, and walked away.
Her raven black hair flowed in the wind as she ran to catch up with Vrael. She turned around just once and when she did a blast of wind threw back her hair just anough to see the tip of her right ear. Though unlike human ears hers was strangely sharp and pointy.
"Good-bye my Annisele." She whispered to the wind before turning around again and running off.

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