"We're Moving Again?"

December 7, 2007
“Great! We’re moving again? Why?” Eva practically yelled.
“Quiet down Evangeline. The land lord says that we haven’t paid all our rent so we have to move.” Her mom said.
“Don’t call me Evangeline. My names Eva! Where are we going this time?” she added.
“Aunt Caroline’s old house.”
“Great! From surrey to the mountains of England!”
“Go pack. Tell Nathan to pack too.” She said as an afterthought.
“Fine.” Eva grumbled on her way out. She walked down the hall and called to Nathan “pack we’re moving to the mountains.”

“Shotgun!” Nathan yelled.
You don’t get shotgun nitwit, I'm oldest.” She snapped, pushing him out of the way.
“Evangeline! Be nice to your brother!” her mother scolded.
“I’m sorry, you can have shotgun.” She said, apologetic, but still angry.
As she was reading her Teen Vogue, a strange thought occurred to her.
“Mom?” she said.
“Yes dear?” um... wasn’t Aunt Caroline mad or something?”
“Yes very. Why?”
“Well... wasn’t it because of something living in her house or something?”
“Well, she said that there was some kind of other world outside her house. Why?”
“Oh I was just wondering.”
“Okay dear.”
She went back to her magazine and ten minutes later her mom called out “We’re here!”
Eva looked up, but instead of a house there was a mansion.
“Mom! How can we afford this?”
“Your aunt left it to us so we don’t have to pay a thing!”
“Wow!” Eva said “look at it.” she and Nathan immediately set off to pick their rooms.
Nathan went down the hall but Eva saw two staircases. She took the one that looked cleaner, but more used. When she got to the top she was in a huge room. She looked around and she saw, to her right, a desk. Then she saw a bedside table. On it was a pen and a paper, a clock, and a stick.
Then she saw a king size four-poster bed.
Then she saw something strange. It was a large picture of a foal with wings taking off of a cliff, but it was lopsided, as if someone did a lousy job of re-hanging it.
She ventured farther and saw that there was a bathroom with marble sinks, tub and toilet.
She turned and went back down the stairs. At the bottom she saw Nathan saying something to her mom.
“Oh there you are Evangeline.”
“I call this room.” She said pointing up the stairs.
That’s a room?” Nathan asked.
“Yes and I call it.” Eva said.
“Okay Evangeline, you may have it.” her mother said.
She went and got one of her boxes from the car. She carried her six boxes, one by one, up to her room. Then she started to unpack.
While she was putting stuff in the bedside table she noticed the paper. Only part of it was there. The other part was burned off. It said:
Behind the picture of the flying foal. They
Will tell you all you need to know. Ask for
Luna. She will tell you of our world.

The rest was burned black.

That’s weird. She thought. There’s a picture of a flying foal in this room and it’s lopsided.

She walked over to it and stretched out a hand…
…”Evangeline!!! Come down here!!” her mother bellowed. With her hand an inch from the painting, she turned and walked out of the room.

After dinner, she went back up to her room and she walked over to the portrait and stretched out her hand…ring ring ring… her cell phone rang. She reached into her back pocket and pulled it out; at the same time straightening the portrait so her mother wouldn’t come snooping.

Sam was the one calling her.

“Hey Sam, what’s up?”

Nuthin, just missin you.” A sad deep voice on the other end of the line replied.

“Don’t do this to yourself, Sam. Just let me go, I’m not coming back and I won’t do this.” She hung up on him.

She went back to the picture. She ran a slender finger over the beautiful little foal’s wing. Then she turned and strode to her closet to change into her pajamas. She climbed into bed and turned off the clap lights.

“Mom? Nathan? Where are you guys?” Eva walked into the kitchen. She couldn’t see anyone, but she found a note on the table.

She ran back upstairs and right to the portrait. She lifted it off the wall and saw a box with numbers on it. It looked like a phone without a mouthpiece.

She ran to her desk where she had put the old note. She read it again, but there were absolutely no numbers. Frustrated, she slammed the note facedown on the desk. When she lifted he r hand the numbers 6, 2,9,3,5 were written on the back. She took the paper and went quickly back to the box. She punched d the numbers in and a hole in the wall opened. It was lust a safe!

But what she saw intrigued her. She saw leather bound book, a silver woven necklace, a stone and a stick similar to the one she had found on the table. She took the first stick she had found and compared them. They were exactly the same except that they were made out of different wood. They had identical markings along the base. They were each twelve inches.

She picked up the book. She opened the book and the first page said: There was something in a different language.
She didn’t know what to say, or do so she just went to bed.

She woke at four a.m... she went down to the kitchen and left a note for her mom telling her that she was going to watch the sunrise and that she would be home for dinner.
She packed a breakfast and a lunch.
She went back to her room. She took the burnt paper the first wand, and every thing she had found in the safe and put it in a drawstring bag. She got dressed, combed her black, waist length hair, grabbed the bag and left the house.
Not ten minutes into the wood she saw a boy. Normally, she would have just gone around but he had seen her too.
“Hello, I’m Tyler.” He said.
“Er, I’m Eva. I just moved in.”
“Oh into the mansion?”
“Er ya”
“That’s really cool.
“Uhm thanks” she answered nervously.
“Where are you going?”
“Oh, just to watch the sunrise and stuff...”
“Cool can I come?”
“Uhm I guess...” she led the way for a while, though she had no clue where she was going she was never going to admit that to Tyler.
“So where are we going?” he asked after a while.
“The big ash tree in the middle of the forest.”
“Oh...” he had no idea where it was either.
They saw it eventually and immediately began to climb up.
“c’mon!” she called when she saw he was still on the ground “you aren’t scared are you?” she asked when he hesitated.
“No!” he called defiantly; starting up when they got to the top, Eva quickly said the other worldly words written in her Aunts book.
“wha-” Tyler started. His cry was lost in the rumbling that started at the tree, and sent ripples through the ground, changing everything in its wake.
The quake made Eva loose her balance and fall slowly to the side.
“Tyler!” she screeched.
He grabbed her hand in time to stop her from falling, but now she was dangling twenty feet above the ground, and the only thing holding her up was Tyler’s arms.

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