The Tower

December 7, 2007
You walk around looking at the insides of a giant clock. Suddenly you hear wood being scraped. You stand up frightened. There walking toward you is a man, but not an ordinary man, this man had a pig mask sowed to his neck. The man is wielding a long cross shaped javaline. He is wearing a shirt that says Devil's Pawn on it.

You slowly back up as the man's hand reaches out to grab you. You continue to back up, but you end up hitting a wall. The Man lifts up his weapon in order to strike but he suddenly stops. You can barely see anything without the flash light. The flash light is laying right in front of the mans feet. You get on your hands and crawl toward the man. Your heart beets faster, and faster, and faster! You grab the flash light and crawl back.

You turn the flash light on and suddenly the man starts running at you. You jump out of the way as the man's javaline is impaled into the wooden wall. The man pulls out the javaline and charges at you. You turn the light off and close your eyes.

You open yours to see the Man's javaline an inch away from your face. You hurriedly make your way out of the tower and into the streets. You look back at the door you came out was covered in blood. You suddenly look at hands and they are also covered in blood. Suddenly three police cars drive up to you. A police man gets out of his car and points his gun at you and yells “FREEZE, YOURE UNDER ARREST!”

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