He Was a Strange Man

December 7, 2007
He was a strange man, doing anything sparking his curiosity, and exciting his mind. As a constant wanderer, he would roam around the country, in search of fascinating adventures that seemed striking.It was by misfortune that this traveler stopped at a lifeless village to rest for the night, but it was by no accident, however, that the village was so lifeless. While the man was waiting in a cabin, he unfortunately overheard a conversation about the dark legend of the gloomy forest on the edge of this village. The forest seemed to spread an evil feeling towards everywhere near it, including the poor village next to it.

However, this legend did not frighten the wanderer. In fact, it excited him, sparking in him a curiosity that was waiting to be known. So, he decided to venture in to the dark realm everyone feared and was determined to discover the hidden secrets of this so-called "dark forest."

As the man entered the forest, he felt cutting, cold, and creeping chills running through his body, but this further excited his adventurous spirit. As he came closer to the heart of the forest, he saw ghastly and ghoulish figures of trees, grimly staring with deathly glares. Then, hearing howls from the haunted habitat from the tenebrific forest, he realized the danger that surrounded him, discovering that this was no fun and exciting trip he assumed it to be. Fear and forlornness came upon him, and he desperately tried to escape, but the dark forest concealed the exit, dampening any dreams of departure. The howling sound came closer, followed by a slow breathing and panting. Shocked with fear, he began running, but his attempts were futile. The last sight of his life was the tipped tooth of the timber wolf.

When travelers and wandereres came to stay for the night in the town, they could always see this message at the entrance of the realm of darkness. "Here lies Rick Bryant, victim of the dark forest"

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