Rose Jolted Out of Bed

December 6, 2007
By Taylor Lasof, La Mesa, CA

Rose jolted out of bed, startled by an earsplitting explosion. Her heart palpitated and her entire body convulsed, while her mind became a jumble of thoughts. The skylights of the old twisted manor were lined with streaks of rain that elucidated in the bursts of lightning. The vacant house enclosed her, and triggered her indecisiveness to the mysterious sound from below the narrow wooden staircase that spiraled down into a dark hall, covered in dust and hidden from light. A toxic stench ascended from the walls and resembled a concoction of deceased corpses and decaying wood combined into an unbearable odor. The hall has remained unseen for decades and not one could disclose what it ensnares. Rose forced her way to the staircase with a mallet and candlestick in hand; her veins dilating throughout her body. With each step came a dreadful creak. Once in the hall, a strong stench flushed through her nostrils like a thousand bee stings, as her candle went out and she became encased in the darkness.

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