Not a Single Bird

December 6, 2007
By Eliseo Rivas, La Mesa, CA

Not a single bird was found in the morning of those autumn days. The sweet melodies of the lively birds were lost along with the whistle of the winds. The fog took over and slowly crept into the city. With winter as the fog’s accomplice, they shook the leaves off the trees and stole the breath of many at a night’s wake. The veil soon covered the city between the two iced mountains.

She lived in the lowest depths of the city, where the combination of the neighboring industry’s haze and growing fog created to make a nebulous atmosphere. The walls of the apartment were only pealing on one side, and the bathroom was almost completely fixed. She enjoyed living in the cozy apartment although she had to be careful where she stepped because she might step on something important of his. She spent most of her time on the cramped balcony, staring at the few buildings not covered by the mist and trying to decipher what they were or if there were any buildings at all.

She did not mind though because she was with the only person that ever cared for her. They were to marry in the middle of October, but he convinced her on a hazy day that the bond they shared was too great to be conceived into a wedding and their love bonded them for life. She then regretted for even creating such a stupid idea.

The fog cowered over the city as a great beast, roaming wildly across the savage streets, clouding man’s mind. The beast inched its way into the house, leaving the blind as it passed. He had awaken with chattering teeth, and with a quick stroke, he gruffly grabbed her blonde hair and dragged her to the entrance of the fog. The balcony door was open all night, and he had suffered. He struck her several times and locked her outside on the balcony.
Only the outline of the buildings appeared, and she held her slender body tight to calm her shivering. “Was it wrong of him to have done that or have I become stupid again? No, no, I could change this quality about him. But then again, my mother had not been able to change my father. No, I have read many statistics on this and I could change him.” The fog only thickened in her mind.
The sun kissed the horizon. Rays like daggers cut through the fog and shined brilliantly. In the distance was one, simple feathered canary. It enchanted bruised Repunzel.
She could not believe what he has done. She then decided that she no longer wanted to live in a congested apartment, floors covered with trash. The sun shined through, and she saw him for who he was. He unlocked the door, expecting her to run into his arms and instead, she marched in the house out the door.

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