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Surfing Summer

December 6, 2007
By Michelle Krueger, Beaver Dam, WI


Aden Morcelli age 13

Katie Hopkins age 13

Shawn Alexander age 13

Ariana Morcelli age 16



School kids




Clarissa’s boyfriend

Shawn’s Girlfriend

Beginning where Aden is talking. Show pictures of surfing and friends.

Aden talking: You know how they always start books and movies and stuff by telling you the end first and then telling you that you bet you are wondering what is happening and then they tell the story of how it got there and then they go back to the end and finish? Well I’m going to start way different and tell you who I am so you don’t think I’m a total creep just telling you my problems. I’m Aden Morcelli and I live in Springer Ville, California, A.K.A. some small town in Cali. I’m in seventh grade and I go to West View Junior High. My two best friends are Shawn Alexander and Katie Hopkins. We have been best buds since pre-school. I also love surfing and I surf almost every day and weekend. I’m failing math this year. It’s just that I don’t get it. I can’t figure out all this adding decimals and multiplying a decimal x32.0 blah blah blah. It’s all just some hoo haa mumble jumble to me. Shawn has a B in math and Katie is the A-student. And a total babe. I mean she I H-O-T. Super-Nova. She has long (but not too long) dirty blonde hair and sparking blue eyes that hypnotize you. She’s skinny and tall with a light tan. We have been friends for nine years and not once has romance occurred. Shawn knows all about my crush on her because we are so tight together. We do everything together. He has bleach blonde hair, brown eyes, total tan, and is awesome at surfing. He also gets all the babes. I get his leftovers. That’s what I hate about having him as a bud. He takes all of my crushes. But I made him promise not to take Katie even though he admitted that she is hot. Oh yeah, I forgot, my lameo parents are making me move to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in less than two weeks. I don’t know how to tell Katie and Shawn. Wish me luck…..

Shawn, Katie, and Aden are standing in front of school.

Shawn: You Moving!?!?!

Katie: What!?!

Aden: They told me last night.

Shawn: When? Where? WHY??

Aden: They said it could help me improve my grades and mom said it’s nice in Wisconsin. And they bought a restaurant there.

Shawn: Nice in Wisconsin? They have like -10 degree winters there. And didn’t that weird Ed Gien guy come there.

Katie: Since when does your family cook? And what about the surfing contest?

Shawn: Yeah, you know we never surf without you.

Aden: I know, I know, but they already found a house and a guy is coming to look at our house this afternoon. Lets face it, I’m gone.

Bell rings

Aden: Meet me at my house tonight after school!

All three go to class.

Scene ends.

New scene

Shot of Aden’s house. Cut to the kids in Aden’s room. Katie on floor. Aden on bed. Shawn on bean bag chair.

Shawn: What are we gonna do man?

Aden: I don’t know. Mr. Culver is buying our house. We are leaving next Wednesday.

Katie: Next Wednesday! Today’s Friday. That only gives us 12 days. The competition is in two weeks! You wont be able to compete.

Aden: I know, I know. I hate this. My parents think they can just pick up and leave without any warning or anything.

Shawn: Maybe you can stay with one of us until after the competition is over so you can at least compete. You’ve worked all year for this.

Aden: My parents said they want me to be there. What a load of crap!

Katie moves to the computer.

Katie: I looked it up. What city are you moving to?

Aden: Some place called Beaver Dam.

Katie: Ok, it’s 2,842 miles from here to Beaverville or whatever.

Shawn: Why do we need to know how far it is?

Aden: So I know how far away my life will be.

Katie: Ugh. Well I will get Mike to videotape the competition so at least you can see it.

Aden: Ok. (sadly)

Mom (yelling up) : Time for supper. Ask Katie and Shawn if they want to stay for supper.

Katie: What is it?

Aden: Meatloaf.

Shawn: Bye Aden. See ya tomorrow.

Katie: Yeah good luck. Bye!

Shot of Aden sighing.

End scene

New scene

Phone ringing.

Aden moaning: oooooo hoooh.

He picks up the phone and Katie answers.

Katie: Wake up sleepy head!

Aden: What time is it?

He looks at his clock- 8:30am.

Katie: Come on, Shawn and I are going to the park to think. Get dressed. We’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Aden: Roger.

20 minutes later.

Shawn skateboarding down the sidewalk. Aden with Katie on his handlebars.

Aden: So what are we going to do?

Katie: Lets make a list of reasons why you are moving.

She pulls out a piece of paper and pencil from her pocket and writes down-

Reasons Aden Is Moving

* His grades are bad

* Restaurant there

* New change

Shawn: If only we could change this stuff.

Aden: Well I suppose I could do better in math and stuff with your help but mom and dad really have their hearts set on the restaurant.

Katie: I know, we could write a fake letter to them denying their request for a restaurant.

Aden: No we couldn’t. They got the letter last week that confirmed that they have the restaurant. We are definitely moving.

Katie: Well I was just trying to help.

Aden: I don’t need any help because there is nothing we can do!

Aden and Katie storm away leaving Shawn standing there.

Shawn: Ummmm

End scene

New scene

Aden is in his bedroom with a surfing trophy in his hands.

Aden ( to himself): I hate my parents. This is so stupid. I have to leave my friends, my passion, and the girl I’m crazy about.

He throws trophy on the floor.

Aden: I’ve had it. I’m running away.

He gets his backpack and puts in some clothes, pictures of him with Katie and Shawn, his favorite trophies and ribbons, and then he sneaks down to the kitchen and packs some food. Then he leaves and goes to Katie’s house. He taps on her window and whispers.

Aden: Katie, psst, Katie.

Katie and her friend Clarissa come to the window.

Katie: What do you want?

Aden: I’m sorry I got mad at you. I am just very frustrated. Can I come in?

Katie: Ok fine but be quiet.

He climbs in and the room is full of pink blankets and pillows.

Aden: Where do I sleep?

Katie: Who said you could sleep here?

Aden: Look, I ran away and I’m not going back. My whole family will be looking for me by morning. I’m really tired and need to get some rest. I will be gone in the morning.

Clarissa: But, where will you go?

Aden: I don’t know, probably the park.

Katie: No, they will find you there. Hmmm..

They think.

Katie: I’ve got it! You can go to the old boathouse by the lake! No one knows about it and we have a bed and a refrigerator in it so you will be comfortable.

Aden: Ok sweet. Listen, I’m really tired so I’m gonna crash. Don’t let me boter you.

Katie&Clasrissa: Ok.

Aden goes to bed on the floor and is pretending to be asleep. He hears Katie and Clarissa whispering.

Clarissa: You can totally tell that he likes you.

Katie: Who?

Clarissa: Aden!

At this Aden opens his eyes.

Katie: He does not! We are just friends,.

Clarissa: You’ve told me before that you like him so I don’t see why you don’t ask him out.

Katie: Well, I’ve thought about it but if we broke up it would ruin out friendship. I would hate to do that.

Clarissa: Ok, suit yourself. I’m going to bed.

Katie: Night.

Clarissa: Night.

Katie turns off the light and they go to bed.

Screen goes black

End scene

New scene

Katie: Aden, wake up.

Clarissa: Come on Aden, it’s 7:30. You gotta leave now!

Aden: Huh, What? Oh jeez. I better get going. Thanks for the place to stay Katie. Bye.

He goes out the window and heads toward the boathouse.

End scene

New scene

Aden is at the boathouse with Katie, Shawn, and Clarissa.

Aden: We only have 10 days left and now half the town is looking for me.

Katie: You obviously can’t go to school so I guess you’re gonna have to stay here.

Shawn: Yeah.

Aden: But I don’t want to stay here. I want to do something about this.

Shawn: Hey, remember that there is no school on Monday or Tuesday? We can do something then.

Aden: Oh, yeah.

Clarissa: I know! We can have a fundraiser to save money so Aden can fly out here and we can fly to him!

Katie: That’s a great idea, Rissa! We might as well do something that helps besides complaining.

Shawn: Yeah, she’s right. It’s not like we can just kidnap mister Culver so he can’t buy the house.

Aden: Wait a minute. I heard my parents talking a few nights ago about how Mr. Culver can’t pay us until Wednesday. Maybe we CAN kidnap him.

Katie: You guys are talking crazy. You know that’s a crime, don’t you?

Clarissa: Yeah, and how would you even get him?

Shawn: Katie or me could ell him that Aden’s parents want to talk to him at the boathouse or something.

Katie: No. We could write a letter to him telling him to meet them at the boathouse.

Aden: Ok so it’s settled then. That’s what we’ll do.

Everyone: Agreed.

End scene

New scene

Show silent pictures of Aden and his friends preparing. Shot of calendar to show what day it is.

Everyone is back in the boathouse which is set up with ropes and tape and food. The door has locks on it and the window is sealed.

Aden: I think everything is set. Now we just have to write the letter.

Clarissa: I wrote it last night. It says-

Dear Mr. Culver,

Please come to w7492 West Rocky Rd. on this Monday around 3:00pm. It is concerning our house.


Mr. And Mrs. Morcelli.

She reads it out loud.

Katie: That should work. But what’s that address?

Clarissa: I looked it up. It’s this address.

Shawn: Sweet.

Aden: Ok, see you later guys.

Scene ends and black screen with the words 2:30pm on Monday.

Aden, Katie, Shawn, and Clarissa all in the boathouse after school.

Aden: He should be coming soon , if he comes at all.

Shawn: He better come.

Katie: Everybody put their masks on.

Clarissa: Someone’s coming!

She looks out the door and sees two police men coming.

Clarissa: Aden, quick. It’s the cops. We gotta scram.

They run out the door and around the side of the boathouse. They run up the driveway and see the family car sitting in the road with Aden’s parents in it.

Aden: Runnnn!

All four run down the road. Clarissa gets caught and Shawn gives up. Only Katie and Aden are left.

Katie: Aden, we better stop. There’s no use.

Aden: No, keep going.

Katie: They probably already called the cops and they will head us off.

Aden: Keep going.

They get to a park and the Morelli’s are forced to get out of the car. Aden and Katie head for the lake.

Aden: Come on, swim.

He jumps into the water.

Aden: Come on Katie, get in!

She dives off the pier and they start swimming. They hear Aden’s dad yelling.

Dad: Come on kids. Give up. Why are you running?

Aden: Because. You just want to take me away from all my friends. I can’t surf in Wisconsin. I can’t be with the girl I love in Wisconsin. I can’t do anything there.

Katie: Who do you love?

Aden: Don’t you see? You. I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you.

Dad: Aden, Katie, come out. We can talk this through.

But the kids weren’t listening.

Katie: You love me?

Aden: Yes, I’m crazy about you.

Katie: Uhhh…

Aden grabs her and kissed her. They he takes her hand and they swim to shore.

Dad: Come on young man, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Aden kisses Katie again and tells her…

Aden: I’ll call you!

Aden is whisked away by his dad and Katie is left standing alone.

End scene

New scene

It is 6:00pm on Tuesday night. Aden is leaving tomorrow morning. Shawn and his girlfriend are their and Clarissa and her boyfriend are there. Katie is coming up the driveway. Aden’s backyard is decorated and music is playing. Aden takes the microphone and says.

Aden: Hello ladies. How are you this evening?

He walks over to Katie.

Aden: May I have this dance?

Katie takes his hand and they begin dancing, Clarissa and her boyfriend dance. Shawn plays Hey There Delilah by the Plain white tees and then goes out to the dance floor with his girlfriend.

Aden ( to Katie): This song is for you.

Katie smiles.

When the song Is over Shawn plays more music and they dance all night. When they have to leave, Aden and Katie kiss. Katie cries.

Aden: Oh, Don’t cry. It will be ok.

He hugs her and holds her close.

Ariana, Aden’s sister, comes out and tells they that they have to leave now.

They say their goodbyes.

End Scene

New scene

Aden is helping his family load stuff into moving trucks. Katie and Shawn come up the driveway.

Shawn: Hey man.

Aden: Hey.

Katie: Hi.

Aden: So ummmm.

Shawn: So this is it? I never thought that you’d be the one who moved. Hey I’m really sorry we couldn’t help you more.

Katie: Yeah me too.

Shawn: So how did the cops and your parents find out where we were?

Aden: I guess Mr. Culver couldn’t come so he called my parents and since they didn’t know anything about it they got suspicious,

Katie: Go figure.

Aden: Yeah.

Mom: Hey Shawn, could you help me for a second.

Shawn: Sure Mrs. M.

Shawn goes to help Mrs. Morcelli.

Katie and Aden talk.

Aden: So…..

Katie: So……do you think we can really have a relat…

Aden grabs her and kisses her.

Aden: What do you think?

He smiles and kisses her again.

Shawn: Whoa keep it Pg-13.

They all laugh and Aden takes Katie’s hand and they walk over to the truck.

Dad: Ok, kids. We’re all set.

Aden: Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Mrs. Morcelli hugs Shawn and Katie.

Katie and Aden kiss again and hug.

Katie: Call me everyday and write.

Aden: Only if you do.

Katie: I’ll come visit you.

Aden: Bye.

Katie: Bye.

Katie and Shawn leave and Aden gets into the truck. It drives away.

End- Show a picture of all three friends.

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