His Eyes are Steady

December 6, 2007
His eyes are steady and unmoving as he puts his faded yellow camaro into gear. The vibrations from the engin shake the loose shifter. He grips the steering weel tighter and tighter untill his knuckles go white. The warm sunlight pours into the car through the T-top and gently kisses his face. Out of the corner of his eye he can see a brand new black Dodge Carger. The windows are too dark to see inside but he knows that there is someone inthere smirking and thinking that he has this race made. Engins rev as they wait for the stoplight to change to green. The light changes and his foot instinktivly moves to the gas and off the clutch. The car jerks forward and the man sinks deep into the seats. The two cars scream down the street weeving in and out of traffic, inches to disaster every second. The man looks ahead and sees a traffic accident, quickly his eyes dart around looking for a quick detour. Just ahead there is a flatbed towtruck with its bed angled up. He lines the car up and shifts into fifth gear. The car is only a few meters away when he looks into his rearview mirror. The black Charger slammed on his breaks and fell back. When the man looks back his tires are turning on air. Time seems to stop. His face is mixed with fear and adrenalyn. The books in his back seat rise into the air and the car slowly starts to desend. The car seemed to melt into the road as the nose of the Camaro hits. Sparks fly as the car slides to a halt. After a while the man crawls out from under the car. The race was over, he was standing on the finish line.

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