simple words change lives

April 13, 2011
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I believe in one's voice. I believe simple words can change your life.

When i was young my father wa sin and out of rehabs. Trying to improve his life for my mom and I. I always kept to myself, until I got a little older. When i was five years old I Wanted to meet my real father. I Wanted to tell him i love him, and that I knew he was going to make it through all of the rehab visits. I believed he would get better.

at one point he did. Until he got out of rehab. Two weeks later i was called outside by my mom. i can remember it like it was yesterday. it was in June and it was nice and warm outside. when the words poured out of my mouth all i wanted to do was hide in a black hole forever. "Alyssa your father passed away." my father was only in his late 30's.

after that i would beat myself up saying it was my fault if i just told him that i love him, and that i was proud of him he would still be alive.
however to this day i believe that words will cure a persons soul. i came out of this horrid event a stronger person. a person who can tell a person how i truly feel at that very moment. i am strong, i have a voice, and i am change.

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