Heaven Can't Buy a Friend

April 13, 2011
By Tiffanymary22 BRONZE, Suffern, New York
Tiffanymary22 BRONZE, Suffern, New York
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I never thought it would be possible, but there I was standing alone in the rain, feeling as lonely as spring without its flowers. I thought to myself how did things get so bad? My best friend abandoned me for new and better things. I went to apologize for all the appalling words that came out of my mouth that evening. However, all I could hear was her betrayal cutting right through my heart. Why must this happen to me? Am I that horrible that God would pull out the rug from beneath me? The rain poured just as the tears rolled down my face; feeling invisible. I replay the moments feeling restless, but then I came to the decision to go home.
I walk home and I stand in front of my house, really catching the glimpse of the home that once had great memories that I shared with my ex best friend. As usual, my parents are working, and are expecting me to be at my best friend’s house. I take the key from my pocket, and unlock the door. I immediately go upstairs crawling into my bed. I feel cold, with the covers giving me no help. I stare at the ceiling trying to grasp what drove us apart. My eyes wander, and they immediately fall upon the picture of Annie and me. My eyes locked on that picture, and even in the darkness I could see it as if it were the brightest thing in the room. The depth of happiness, which arose from that picture, is now uplifting the idea of depression. It leaves me with no sleep. My alarm goes off correctly at 7:30 am, “Wake up Ariel! Time to get ready for church.” Sigh, I thought to myself, of course I have to get up and see her. My Mom notices me and knows somethings wrong. Back in the day, I would be the first one up but now,, I’m the last. “Ariel, did something happen with you and Annie yesterday? I look at her with weary eyes, my eyes red from all the crying. “No Mom, I’m fine I should probably get ready, its getting late! I smile at her, and I got ready as if nothing happened.
Once we got there, I prayed to myself, knowing that faith would be the only thing getting me through this day. I watched her, with absolutely no emotion. She looked at me with a blank expression. My heart felt cold, and pierced with heartless feelings. This wasn’t me. Annie was changing me. I began to feel more mature than I was for my age. It was as if I was growing up too fast, too soon. Service was long, and felt like it never ended. Atleast, I wish it never ended. I glance at Annie, seeing that she’s all smiles talking to her new best friend Christal. I took a deep breath and looked at the altar, that symbolized hope for me in a sense. I walked out into the dining area, and knew it was time to stop letting everything get to me. It was time to move on.

I touch my necklace, the pendant that Annie had given me. I pondered on what to do. I realized this was a process of letting go. I took the necklace off, knowing that Annie was watching me. It was a release, of all the burdens and emotions I was experiencing. I walked over to her, and embraced the confidence that I was feeling. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know I’m not mad at you for anything, you can do whatever you want and it’s time to move on.” Annie looked at me shocked, and said sorry for everything, but I told her it was too late. I told her she should live her life, and I will live mine. At that moment, I knew I had made the right decision. I left Annie there speechless, and awestruck on the person that I was being changed into. It was a victory at last.

Every Sunday, I think about that day in March, where I had became a mature teenager. The feeling of losing a best friend is surely something a person can never forget about. The breeze of that cold day in March, led to a warmth of ideal maturation. Friendships don’t always last, and I don’t regret anything. All I could say, is that I learned from my mistakes. I smile thinking about it, and will always smile on the confidence I’ve found within myself.

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