Forever Embrace

December 10, 2007
By Ashley Dinges, Fishers, IN

Cool night air rustled the crisp, browning grass as soft footsteps slowly crossed the lawn. Deep bass pulsed beneath the ground, radiating from behind the gentle footsteps a school stood, bathed in a serene silver lining from the high moon. Lights pulsed and shone through tall windows as hundreds of out of tune voices sung or screamed in time with the music. The thumping of hundreds of feet added to the pounding that the ground took and dispersed. Hundreds of people laughing and dancing, dozens of teachers groaning and yelling at the students, and one lone girl walking from all the chaos.
Gentle breezes whispered past her face, teasing her hair and pulling at her skirt. A sweet melody started from the throat of the insipid beauty, an almost eerie contrast to the raging and thumping music she was slowly leaving behind her. Baby blue eyes looked past the forest she entered, not truly seeing the world around her. Crystalline tears formed and silently made a straight path down reddened cheeks and quivering lips. Delicate hands shook at her sides, her entire form looking ghostly pale in the moon’s shining stare.
She crumpled to the ground, and pleading eyes looked up to the heavens. Stars seeming to mock her as they sparkled gaily against a midnight blue sky. Sapphire eyes fell from the shimmering bodies of light and down to the cold earth that pressed against her exhausted body. Gentle fingers traced her wrist, seeing the intricate pattern of veins so close to the skin. So easy it would be to see this skin was broken, cut open and blood spilled. How easy it would split and let her life flood out from inside her. To watch as the pain was reflected in the blood that ran in a crimson tide.
No one would miss her. Alone she was, friends having better friends, parents having many children, brothers and sisters having other brothers and other sisters. She would be mourned for only a little, and then forgotten, all thoughts of her floating away like sand in a desert. Easily ignored, easily forgotten.
A soft hand reaches down to touch a shaking shoulder. Peacock blue eyes opening wide and seeking to see who would give such a kind touch to her. Emerald green eyes glisten as they meet her own dull azure ones. Unlike the coy gleam of the stars hanging in the sky, these held a sensation of thoughtfulness and sincerity. Soft lips curl up into a concerned smile, and the tender embrace encompassed her, unrelenting arms curling themselves around her. Her head falls back, leaning against the sturdy chest of the man behind her as cerulean irises close themselves from the universe around them. An olive gaze scrutinizes the form in his hardy grasp, verifying that no harm has come to the frail being.
Time passed slowly by, not touching the two as they sat together. Lamentation was all but gone from cobalt oculars and only an immense infatuation filled moss encased pupils. Wintry gusts blow past them, curling between limbs, pressing against bodies, attempting to pry apart the two lovers. Nothing moved them, eyes closed, head against chest, arms wrapped protectively, forehead on shoulder.

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