Carry's life

April 9, 2011
By Jing.a.ling BRONZE, Saluda, South Carolina
Jing.a.ling BRONZE, Saluda, South Carolina
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"Without suffering there'd be not compassion!-Nickolas Sparks

There was a girl her name was Carry, whom everyday since she was born was love and cared for, until she was old to do things on her own! She was only about nine and her parents started arguing and disagreeing on a lot in their life. She didn’t understand what was going on if it was her fault or not. Everyday this girl prayed for her mom and dad to stop fighting and everything go back to normal, but she had no belief that would happen! Even though everyday and every second her parents were together everything would just get worswoulddd continue to pray for them! Until the day of her birthday she was turning thirteen her mom told her its time to become a teenager and I believe its time for you to learn to do things on her own! She knew one day something was gone to happen but she wasn’t sure when or what! Things were still bad at home but the still would put a smile on he face for her friend who have never been to her house or even met her parents. She decided one day it was time to have her friends over besides it was her birthday. So after school she invited a few friends over to watch a movie! She told them they would have to leave by the time her parents came home so that woulddn’t be in trouble! But her dad came home early and saw she had friends home so they stopped the movie and she told her friends she’d she them at school the next day. Her dad been drinking and was furious with her. He told her go to your room hwouldd be up there in a little while. While she went to her room he got a bat and followed her up the stairs to her room. He told her that it’s the only was to teach her a lesson that she needed to never bring people over. He beat her and beat her until she was unconscious. Later her mom came home to find him past out drunk so she went to find Carry when she got to her room she found her in the corner all beat up bleeding and crying. She asks what had happened when she told her the whole story her mom got the bat he left behind and beat her husband like he did his daughter. She told him that it was time to make her and Carry’s life better. She left him. She ended up getting remarried to a man named Jake. He treated Carry as his daughter and her mom was happy. Carry’s life was ruined by her father. She finally came out and told her friends everything and told them what he did to her when they left that day. They didn’t understand she explain by telling them her father liked to hurt people he had hurt her mom since she was nine and when she was thirteen he decided it was time to start hurting her. He was always a mean man and her mom loved him. But she loved her child more!! She knew it had gone too far and it was time to change!!
Carry’s life was never the same and she’s scared to love any man who has ever tried!! There’s about a million children living in homes like Carry’s sometimes its not even going to turn out the way her life did she was lucky!!

The author's comments:
This is not a true story it’s just the truth! In a lot of families there’s abuse whether or not it’s just child abuse!! Children die everyday from there parents abusing them! Why not stop it!!

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