The Beach at Midnight

April 7, 2011
By Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
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Sitting on a rock in the dead of the night listing to the sound of waves crashing all around you. Staring at the view, the amber lights shining bright the New York City skyline clear as can be. The essence of beauty it all seems so quiet and simple you watch from afar wondering whats going on there. You image busy streets, the lights in times square, billboards about the newest trends in celebrity hair. The hustle and bustle of the subways, you picture yourself in an empty car riding the squeaky trains all night. You see the old ride at coney island in the distance, flashbacks to the summer and the swinging ferris wheel. Gazing out at the velvet midnight sky, you see the orange glow that surrounds the city from all around. Silence fills your ears as you slowly drift off the breathtaking view from the rock filling your eyes with pure amazement.

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