The Old Man

April 7, 2011
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It's raining its pouring there's an old on a bench snoring. You wonder if he might die and on his way up to heaven, if an old lady knitting will stick a needle is his eye. It's just a dull and dreary day like something that came out of the “sultans of swing”. All of a suddon the door bell rings, You step towards it wondering who it could possibly be.

The old man who was sleeping on the bench is there he asks “May I come in please?” he starts to grin when you open the door politely saying thank you. You pull out a chair as he slowly takes in the warm air. The wind starts to howl like the dog next door the day drags on with the old man sitting quietly in your living room. You go in and turn on the T.V and ask him what will it be, he asks for the news so that's what you put on, Before you know it the power goes out . You say your sorry for the loss of power and it must be from the rain.

After a while the rain comes to a stop, You ask the the old man if he's got anyplace to go you don't look surprised when he says no, he just stares in dismay. So whats there to do you send him on his way the sun comes out as he goes back to his bench, Well at least hes not totally drenched

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