Lifetime after Lifetime

April 7, 2011
By kdafmar GOLD, Blue Springs, Missouri
kdafmar GOLD, Blue Springs, Missouri
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"To live would be an awfully big adventure." - Peter Pan

There were times before now, when they existed somewhere out there. Their current forms are just reincarnations of their past spirits, not ready to go onto heaven. The two beloved souls have always been reaching for each other; always loving, always caring, always searching. They were together in the beginning; it was their destiny to be together for all eternity; God made them that way.

They were together in the times of the Bible, even before the ancient Greeks. Back thousands of years ago, around the time of the first people God set on earth. They probably started as a grandson and wife of Abraham. Loving always, even in the earliest times. The two soul mates would live to search for each other. Her parents would mate him with her. She was bred to be at home with the children; he was bred to provide for her. She would not like him at first because it was forced, but she would soon fall in love with him. And they did, so very fast did the two fall madly in love with each other. Nevertheless, in the end, death would take them both, and they would move onto the next lifetime.

Then they were together in ancient Greece. He was a great poet of the time, and she was his maidservant. He would write all day and bask in the beauty of the land and she would fetch him his tools, feed him, wash him, whatever he asked. She soon became his favorite maidservant and he always asked for her. He would ask her to do the simplest things like hand him things mere feet away, and hand feed him just so that she would be close to him. She loved him dearly and her beauty and brains captivated him. They took off together and went to live somewhere in the country, far away from wherever someone may shame him for falling in love with a servant. They married and lived together in a beautiful lakeside home. They lived and died together, entirely inseparable even then, and went on to their next whirlwind adventure.

Next, it was the Renaissance that held their love. He was Aristotle discovering the ways of the world. She was just an apprentice trying to learn a trade. She was sent to his home one night to tailor him a robe made of silk. She fell in love with the contours of his body. He found her work fascinating and once he caught a glimpse of her eyes he was lit on fire with desire. They ran away together that night under the fall of darkness. They went far away to a small island off the coast and lived there in peace all the rest of their days. They loved each other so much that they never left each others side. When she died of sunstroke, he lit a fire and burned the whole island, so he went up in flames and they lay dead together.

The following rendition of their love was in the late eighteenth century. The two met when her father took her to the theatre because she had such a strong love for the arts. He was an usher that seated them and fell in love with her ecstatic opinion. It was so uncommon to find a child that had a voice in the family, but with this girl and her father, her father listened to everything she said. He was soon fired from his post, but he asked her father if he could marry her some day. Her father exclaimed that she was far too young to be thinking about things like that, but he said it did not matter to him, he would wait. And so he did. He waited a few more years, and courted her kindly, going on family outings with them and spending as much time as possible with her. The day she turned fifteen, he, again, asked permission for her hand in marriage. This time he obliged and the two were married immediately. He went on to become a playwright and she was a housewife like all women were, but that did not bother her. She loved him dearly and gave him a beautiful daughter and a rowdy son. The children were very well behaved and grew up to do wonderful things. The two grew old together, in love and in age. When he passed, she soon followed because she did not know how to manage on her own. She loved him and depended on him so much, that she could not cope when he left. She killed herself a matter of days after his death and they were buried together. But their journey did not end here.

Their next meeting was in the mid eighteen hundreds. She was a small farm girl and he was a farmer as well. The two met at school. She was very young and he was far older, about to be sent off to work the farm daily. But when she started class, he had his eye on her. He taught her to tie her shoes, write her numbers, and even helped her learned to read. He thought he might have been creepy at first because she was so much younger, but something about this pretty little green eyes caught him and he knew he would love her forever. So helped her grow up. He taught her all he knew in their time together. He even took up going to church just so he could hold her hand another hour. By the time she was grown, they had been best friends for most of her life. It was no surprise when he asked her to marry him. She very obviously said yes. They stayed in town and took over her Papa’s old general store. They lived and loved together their whole lives and everyone who came into their store felt the love that filled it. They grew old together, and died quietly at home in bed one hot night in summer.

The meeting after that, they could tell when they met that they had known each other in a previous lifetime. It would be the last one before the current but it was such a beautiful time. He was an editor and she was a showgirl which was normal since it was the early 1930’s. He came into her bar every night after work to relax before he went home. And each and every night he put extra money into her tip jar. This went on for months before he left a note in her jar, asking if she would meet him at his house after she got off work. She was all too excited to go, and she cleaned up early that night so she could get over there as fast as possible. She changed out of her costume and tried to wash up but it was just too thick. She was nervous that he would not like it but she couldn’t do anything else. When she got to his house, she knocked but to no answer. She turned the knob carefully and it was open. As she opened the door, the man was sitting at the table in his dining room.

“come here, Darlin” he whispered, “I’ve had my eye on you, and I was wonderin if I could make ya mine?” he turned to her. Her body turned beat red. He smiled and within seconds he was kissing her up against the back of his front door. It was immediate attraction. Primal heat ran through their veins as the tore each others clothes off. She had never been with anyone before that night. He was her first, last, and only. From then on he would sit at the stage instead of the bar, and she would dance for him every night. The two were inseparable. They married as soon as possible and he made it big as an author. They lived in a big apartment in the city and spent their summers in the mountains. They fought but they always stuck together. They did not want to part when their lives came to an end, so they left together; one giant off the pier and down they sank. Together in each others arms for all of eternity, or at least until next time.

After that, their last meeting is the one they’re in now. Their meeting was a little strange and mystical, but something about it just worked. When they very first met he was writing for a paper, and she was a young girl, a student. They met on the computer- highly unlikely, and highly dangerous. He was looking for some intelligent conversation and she was lonely. She took a risk as much as he did. They fell in love. Fast, hard, and deep they fell. They were together for months, but it didn’t last long. Her friends didn’t believe his intentions were good, giving the age difference, and they hoodwinked her into leaving him. It broke her heart to pieces. She didn’t want to leave him, but it was for his own good. It was easier to face a broken heart, than years in prison. She tried so hard to forget him, erasing everything she had, but to no avail, she still loved him. She contacted him again, months later, trying to regain their relationship, but it was scattering and still far too dangerous. Then, several months later, the fire returned. The two were enveloped in a passion so great and so beautiful that they thought nothing could break them down. They experimented in their relationship and they tried to find ways of being together even though this time around they were so very far apart. It would have been a simple flight to see her except he was having a difficult time keeping a steady job. Soon he fell into a dark hole, depression falling on him, and he could not find a job for months. Then she began to grow weary on whether their relationship would last and it started to crumble. Within a few short months all trust, hope, and faith was lost. Their relationship had met it’s end, again. But the one thing that kept them from parting, was love. Even though had been through trial after trial, they still loved each other, just as in every past lifetime. After a few weeks of being apart they could not help but fall madly in love with each other all over again. And this is when things got miraculous. He got a job, she switched schools, he moved into town and she got a car. They saw each other constantly for the next two years and when she came of age, they married. Within three years he had sold his first book. Two years following, after she had graduated college, she got a recording contract. They became two of the most powerful people in the world. But even with all the money they made, their love was more powerful than any of it. The two could not stand to part from each other for more than a few hours. It was a beautiful life.

These two have not yet lived it all out yet. They are still stumbling through the early years, but one day it will all come clear to them. They are so in love and it will carry them on in life wherever they chose to go. They will live and love in many more lifetimes together, always looking for their soul mate, and always finding them. He loves her and she loves him, and nothing can ever break that bond. Not space, not time, not anything.

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