The Life of a Bird

March 30, 2011
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Life's tough. Every day is a challenge. You think we have it easy, don't you? We just fly around aimlessly, no care in the world. We're just there to look pretty and make city people still feel connected to nature with our sweet songs every morning. Surprise, surprise. The life of a bird is not what it seems.
I am three years old. My wife is two. We met in Florida last winter. I'm originally from Ohio, she's from New York. We fell in love down south, married, and had four children. My beautiful babies. You know about bird's nests, right? Cozy little homes we get to relax in day after day? No, more than that. Mama bird must protect the babies every single second of every day. There are always predators watching, from the time the eggs are laid, until they hatch, and longer still, until they can fly on their own. Now, as for me, I must go gather food each and every day and keep the nest in tip-top condition.
Mama always worries if I will even come back home each morning I leave the nest. It's a dangerous job. I must be aware at all times. There are human hunters and animal predators always lurking nearby. So I must be sneaky and disregard them. I put myself out there day and night, all for the ones I love.
Being a bird is a lot of work. Especially with a family to care for. All your time and energy is spent day by day simply trying to survive and provide for others. You may say the same about your life and I know it's true. Though others would be quick to judge, or never have a though about our lives cross their minds before reading this, but you now know. We are all more alike than we will ever realize.

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