March 29, 2011
By Shawna Bentz SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
Shawna Bentz SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
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As I fell, I could feel the water rushing in around me. It soaked into every orifice and chilled me to the bone. I could feel my arms and legs thrashing around, but I didn't feel like I was controlling them, almost as if my brain was completely detached from the situation. I knew that I was falling deeper and deeper towards the bottom, cutting through the liquid rather than pushing myself to the top. I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed, but I thought I could still see the faint glimmer of the moonlight rippling at the surface. How long can someone survive underwater? Survive without oxygen? Isn't it only four minutes or so? How long have I been down here? Am I even still conscious or is this a dream? Was this whole thing just a dream? Am I really underwater? Or am I on the boat, asleep?

I could feel my limbs had gone limp. I was no longer falling through the murky depths.

Maybe I am unconscious.

Maybe I've drowned.

I could be dead.

I could have died down here, lost forever at the bottom of the ocean.

Maybe I'm in Limbo, and this is my whole "reflection period" when I ask all the big questions and think of all the things I never got to do.

Oh my God.

What if I am dead?

There's so much I haven't done!

I've barely even lived!

I better not be dead! If I am, I'm sure going to be a wrathful ghost. I'm going to haunt the crap out of everyone on that boat.

Which brings up a good point.

How did I even get down here?

How does one end up on the ocean floor?

Perhaps I was making a fool of myself and fell overboard. It wouldn't surprise me, it sounds like something I would do.

Maybe I was pushed.

Who was I on deck with before this whole catastrophe set in? Maybe he pushed me overboard.

That fiend!

You would think someone else would have noticed that I was suddenly no longer on the boat.

Why hasn't anyone come looking for me?

I wonder if there's a Scuba Search Party scouring the ocean for my water-logged, wrinkly, lifeless body... I sure hope so. I would hate to have to spend my eternal afterlife in a watery grave. Davy Jones' Locker does not seem like a very pleasant place to be.

Please. Don't let me drown.

I feel weaker than I did before...

I feel numb...

I feel...



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