Lavender In Wonderland CHAPTER ONE: AUGUST 23rd 2020

April 3, 2011
By NickGirl SILVER, Moscow, Other
NickGirl SILVER, Moscow, Other
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I was born on August 20th, 2006. Four days ago, and 15 years ago to be exact. I just 14 and what delight. Today, about four years ago was the day my mother and grandmother were murdered in front of my face. I sneaked over to the door 'cause I heard yelling and smashing. The door slightly opened when I walked up to it. Then it opened all the way and my mother was shot twice in her hip, then three times in her chest. She was standing right in front of me and was about to pick me up and run but then I heard a shot and next thing, there was blood on my whole torso. He noticed me standing there when i dropped down into the floor and started shaking my mother. Then he saw me when I looked up at him. Then four more shots fired then I screamed and ran towards my older brothers room. I tried to open the door and then he opened it tiredly and he saw my dad point a gun at me. Then he grabbed me and locked the door.
That was the darkest day of my life, but now my brother is long gone and I'm on the verge of forced marriage at my age. She's a very unattractive young girl, about 5 feet, blonde hair and a little too dingy for me. I've had my eye on someone for a while. That person has mighty blonde dreads always tied up. And wears baggy clothes, and has big eyes. Ah. He's amazing, oops. I mean that person. He-He. But yes, my forced marriage is hurtful. "Hey, Laven, are you coming or not. Do you want to get out of this?" Siren said.
TO BE CONTINUED.......................................

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