Lavender In Wonderland PROLOGUE:

April 3, 2011
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After a while of thinking of how I live in Three Years Before Crisis, I'm a screwed up little boy. I was only 14 at the fact, and I still thought that wandering through my fathers garden was in fact a new world. Well, that was ten years ago when fully thought that. My wild imagination was a A+ in success. My father acted like I was four. He is one of the reasons that I am still wondering through the garden to get away at nights when the sky remains purple. Which that happens only once a week anyways. Your probably wondering why my name is Lavender. When i was born, i was born in a(n) Lavender field at the time. My mother was hanging around with my father then and she had labor pains and their was no hospital in sight. And my father did have an affair with another women before I was in this horrible world they call "The Paradise Of Hell." But now its almost over. But my older half, brother is the one who always had me running from something and I was wondering if i was in wonderland. And my friend who has been there since the day the war started. He has never always been attracted to the female species. And thats where I'm going to start.

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