...Yeah who cares if it was me?

March 28, 2011
By , huckleberryfinlane, MI
He had a lot of nerve to accuse me...in front of my co-workers, boss, friends and even some of my family. I had "done it!" Yeah I really had done it, but I didn't really care what other people thought.
However something I did care about was holding my composuer under such stressful circumstances. I had wanted this and I had "done it," as my so-called enemy had said.
I stood with pride and knowledge, no longer as a company employee, but as a back stabber, the one who had "sold out." Two years prior to this little incident I would have never dreamed of turning my back on this little company, but now was now.
"So...you say I did it huh? Well let me tell you who put it all into motion." My words didn't defy my cool look, but they made him...my enemy, nearly jump out of his skin.
It was obvious he hadn't expected me to stand up for myself...so naive, I thought he knew me better than to sit there and take a "beating." However a two year relationship with me hadn't shown him that, or at least he had been too stupid to realize it.
Yeah...that's right he was stupid, after all he was just as guilty as I was. Forgetting to cover your tracks up is for foolish people. I covered mine, my mistake was getting to close and friendly with him.
But...who cares if it was me? He was the one that gave me the idea. It was all him.
Turning my back on the party and people I had just eliminated from the business world, I walked to the other side, the side I had been rooting for the whole time.

The side where nothing matter at all...not you, not me, not them, not life, not love, not family or friends. If you were stupid enough to be swallowed up and tricked then there was no place for you on earth.
You live for you and only you alone. I don't care about the others...they are not me.

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